WhiteHub Token (WHC) is officially distributed at VNDC DIPO

WhiteHub Token (WHC) is officially distributed at VNDC DIPO

As a highly applicable utility token, WhiteHub Token (WHC) is being evaluated by investors as a digital asset with great growth potential in the future. According to the previously announced roadmap, VNDC and the WhiteHub platform will officially share the right to participate in owning WHC Token for the VNDC community through VNDC DIPO starting from January 13, 2021.

DIPO WHC Token program

Specifically, the 1st distribution of WhiteHub Token (WHC) at VNDC DIPO will last 2 days, starting from 20:00 on January 13 to 20:00 on January 15. At the DIPO feature on VNDC Wallet, customers can buy WHC Token in 2 ways:

  • Buy WHC with VNDC at the price of 1 WHC = 705 VNDC
  • Buy WHC with VIDB at the price of 1 WHC = 0.13 VIDB

Note: The amount of WHC will be unlocked 100%.

With a total supply of 1,999,000 WHC offered for sale in this phase, users can participate in holding WHC as an investment asset to get profit when the WHC’s price increases. It is also possible to store and use WHC as a payment method in the WhiteHub Platform.

Roadmap after DIPO

After 2 days of selling WHC via DIPO, VNDC and WhiteHub continue to deploy useful features for users. All WHC users holding on VNDC Wallet will be 100% unlocked for transaction at the application as follow:

  • From 20:00 on 15/01/2021: Open P2P Trading feature for WHC Token.
  • From 0:00 on 16/01/2021: Deploy Staking Daily rewards within 45 days with the rate of receiving 1 WHC = 1 VNDC per day, for users who own at least 5,000 WHC.
  • 25/01/2021: Open VNDC Farming for WHC Token, for users who own from 5,000 WHC. The interest is up to 2 VNDC for each WHC owned.
  • 20:00 on 18/02/2021: Open VNDC Exchange of WHC/VNDC asset pair when listing WHC Token on some international exchanges.
  • 20:00 on 18/02/2021: Open Credit Line for WHC, customers can create mortgage loans with WHC.

What is WhiteHub Token (WHC)?

WHC is a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum Blockchain platform, with a vision of becoming the official currency in Bug Bounty programs, especially as a bounty payment method for security researchers. Taking advantage of Blockchain technology, WHC will facilitate a more efficient payment process, reduce costs, and enhance anonymity for users. At the same time, WHC helps lower barriers for researchers and businesses worldwide to join the WhiteHub community. In the future, WHC will be integrated into the security ecosystem of WhiteHub and our partners.

Moreover, WHC can and will serve as a channel through which the founding team shares the WhiteHub platform ownership to the community; in other words, investors can own WHC to receive benefits derived from this cryptocurrency as well as from the WhiteHub Platform.

About WhiteHub 

WhiteHub is the first crowdsourced security platform in Vietnam that connects security researchers and businesses to pre-emptively seek out security vulnerabilities in technology products through Bug Bounty programs. More than a year after launch, WhiteHub has been used by over 1,500 security experts and 50 enterprises.

With the aim of expanding WhiteHub to the community of experts and businesses around the world and improving WhiteHub’s application in the ecosystem of security products, the founding team of the WhiteHub project – decided to apply blockchain technology on the reward and payment mechanism for security services and products on WhiteHub platform. This is why the WhiteHub Token (WHC) and the WHC ecosystem are developed.

WHC Token Issuer:

– Company name: WHITEHUB PTE. LTD.
– UEN: 202115951W
– Website: https://whitehub.net

Read more about WhiteHub at: https://whitehub.net/

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Hoang Thao Marketing Executive of VNDC, enjoy reading, writing and sharing.