What will you learn in VNDC’s free Trade Coin Course?

What will you learn in VNDC’s free Trade Coin Course?

Have you ever faced these following problems while investing unsuccessfully in Cryptocurrency:

  • The market is always against me! If I buy coin, the price will fall down and vice versa.
  • I can’t understand the market! I don’t know how much the price will go up or down!
  • I want to make a trading plan myself. I’m just following the strategy provided by my friends and it doesn’t really work.
  • Why is my profit always much smaller than my loss?
  • Trading Coin is difficult! I cannot predict the trend of the market as well as the fluctuation.

Then the Trade Coin Course will help you answer all above questions, you absolutely can make money  by mastering the capital and the market right after the course. So what will the course provide for you and what are the reasons why you should join it?   

Professional Tutors

With the guidance of experts being Co-founder of Trade Coin Vietnam – The number 1 vibrant Crypto community in Vietnam with more than 100,000 members, you will  receive not only the basic knowledge of Trading Coin but also practical experiences from Master Traders during the course.

High Quality Program

With a 6-day schedule designed from basic to advanced, from theory to practice, no matter what level you are at, you can participate and learn this course.

Session 1: Mandatory things to understand when becoming a Trader

Session 2: The basic foundation of Trade

Session 3: Market sentiment and information analysis

Session 4: Weapons Trading – Technical Analysis

Session 5: Trading psychology management, market sentiment analysis

Session 6: Trade Margin


The class will last for just 1 week from October 5 to October 10 via the online form on Zoom application. Therefore, this is a rare opportunity for busy people who do not have time to take a face-to-face course.

With just a smartphone connected to the Internet, learners from all parts of the country can join from wherever you feel most comfortable.

In particular, the course of Trade Coin is completely free of charge with the purpose of gratitude to VNDC’s customers and partners, thereby helping to develop a growing and solid Crypto community.

To register for the course, please click on the link  http://bit.ly/tradecoinnhapmon and fill out the form as required.

Note: Course registration deadline is 23:59 on October 3, 2020.

Be one of our Telegram Group’s members to keep track of Course information, also to exchange knowledge about Cryptocurrency with others: T.me/tradecoinnhapmon

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