What is the Vietnam Gold Token (CHI)?

What is the Vietnam Gold Token (CHI)?

CHI is defined as Gold Technology and is developed based on Ethereum network standard ERC20. Chi is pegged to the metal of gold and the CHI’s value is equivalent to Gold Thread – the most common quantitative transaction of gold. CHI is tokenized by gold assets, it helps CHI’s holders exchange easily with low fee.

CHI was founded by the VNDC HOLDING PTE LTD team on February 3, 2020 in Singapore and recognized to be the first asset tokenization with the true value in Vietnamese community and accompany with VNDC Stablecoin that is pegged 1:1 to the Vietnamese Dong (VND).

How can CHI be used?

The biggest benefits of using CHI is to empower the ownership for CHI holders and they can decide on the flexibility to use CHI with many other purposes.

CHI is leading the way in deploying assets tokenization with the real value as: sliver, gold, diamond,… Although it sounds futuristic, CHI will enable people to have the ownership, exchange assets easily and limit their dependence on third parties.

How can CHI be transacted?

Like many other digital currencies, all CHI’s transaction history is public and transparent recored on the Ledger. And Chi’s transaction details here are public on Blockchain Explorer of Ethereum – a network works similar to Bitcoin but Ethereum has high security, low payment costs and fast transaction speeds. Even, users can extract the first transaction data of CHI.

Currently, you can store, buy, sell, and trade CHI on supported platforms. Specially, VNDC Wallet is the most outstanding product in the ecosystem of VNDC and is also the first wallet application to support CHI. Besides, users can also use the platform of Nami.Exchange, Binance’s Trust Wallet application and many other support platforms in the future.

The first wallet application that supports CHI

CHI and VNDC Wallet are two products in the same ecosystem created by the VNDC team. Therefore, the development of two products always go together and bring value to users. Currently, VNDC Wallet is supporting users in storing and converting CHI with other digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDS or VNDC. In addition, CHI is also integrated into the Staking Daily and Credit Line features on VNDC Wallet. Some special features of CHI on VNDC Wallet:

  1. Exchange CHI/VNDC: VNDC holders can exchange VNDC to CHI with real-time gold rate from SJC system.
  2. Staking Daily: Earn up to 3% annualized yield.
  3. Credit Line: Chi gives a limit of 90% the value for user’s loan converted to VNDC.
  4. Exchange CHI to Gold: Users can directly redeem CHI to gold through VNDC’s agents or at VNDC’s office.

With the ownership of valuable assets, the clear mission of CHI is to help users access, own and trade digital assets easily and quickly with the lowest possible cost and help users own their assets and limit their dependence on third parties.

Create a new account and own CHI instantly on the VNDC Wallet app: Apple StoreGoogle Play Store.


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