What is HanaGold Token (HNG)

What is HanaGold Token (HNG)

Starting from 20:00 GMT+7 September 20, VNDC will start selling 1,000,000 HNG through the VNDC Launchpad feature on VNDC Wallet. To help everyone have a better understanding of HNG, VNDC takes a deep dive into HanaGold.

About HanaGold

What is HanaGold?

Established in 2020, HanaGold Jewelry Joint Stock Company is an innovative gold, silver, and gems startup. The company applies 4.0 technology in the jewelry business with a pioneering project called HanaGold.

HanaGold – Jewelry Shop 4.0 is a project developed by HanaGold Jewelry Joint Stock Company that allows users to buy accumulated gold from only $5 and have the opportunity to earn up to 8%/year on the staked gold. HanaGold brings more freedom in gold trading, shortening complex processes when dealing at traditional gold stores. Not only that, HanaGold creates the connecting power for jewelry chains in expanding nationwide, making transactions more convenient and faster.

Website: https://hanagold.finance/

HanaGold’s USP

HanaGold utilizes technology to solve current clients’ problems:

  • Buy gold easily with smaller quantities
  • Earn up to 8% APY on just 0.1 ounces of gold
  • Buy and sell quickly and simply 24/7
  • Flexibility to switch to jewelry products
  • Safe and high security
  • E-invoices are swift and easy to check
  • Easy to trade and exchange in the whole HanaGold system
  • Own a jewelry shop 4.0 from only $12,000

HanaGold’s Ecosystem

The HanaGold ecosystem consists of 8 categories, connected in many fields such as financial investment, franchise business chain, jewelry, marketing campaign, personnel rewards, cumulative gifts, and brand honors,…

  • HanaGold Gold Coin: The HanaGold branded gold coin with quantities of 1, 2, and 5 CHI is the main product when customers need to convert from accumulated gold to physical gold.
  • Jewelry Shop 4.0: HanaGold gives opportunities to those who want to own a 4.0 jewelry store with an investment capital of $12,000. HanaGold transfers the operating process quickly and efficiently, meeting the requirements of a new and pioneering business model in Vietnam.
  • Peacock Jewelry Set: Many versions represent high-end jewelry products at HanaGold. The presence in all franchised showrooms will add to the specialty of the 4.0 jewelry store chain.
  • Jewelry Rental: This is a special service for those who need precious and luxurious jewelry when going to parties and important events. However, this service also has stringent customer selection criteria.
  • HanaGold Rewards: Solution for employee rewards and marketing tactics. Applying the advantage of dividing the amount of gold, the human resources department can decide to reward employees according to each level of seniority in order to have a corresponding reward. Similarly, marketing campaigns can be applied to reward customers for using products and services.
  • Jewelry Processing: The form of turning customers’ ideas and preferences into reality. HanaGold processes jewelry at the request of customers according to individual items or whole jewelry sets, supports registration of design copyrights throughout Vietnam, and customers can trade copyright from the page design itself.
  • Brand Gold Gift: Solution for individuals and organizations to assert their brand on gold items. HanaGold engraves the brand name, logo on gold at the request of customers, helping to show love and respect to the users who use them.
  • Gold Voucher: Including paper vouchers and electronic vouchers, users can create a voucher code with different amounts of gold to give to relatives, friends, lucky money during Tet, or buy and sell by item.

How it works

Gold Trading

Each franchised showroom is equipped with a technology platform to help manage and run business in the store as well as take care and develop customers in the system.

All transactions at HanaGold can be managed on Mobile App. The process includes the following four steps:

Jewelry Trading

At HanaGold, you can order gems, jewelry gifts right on the website and app. You can also find the nearest location to get your favorite one.


Quarter IV – 2020 

  • Established HanaGold Jewelry Joint Stock Company

Quarter I – 2021

  • Opening the head office at 136 Le Tuan Mau, Ward 13, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Complete factory setup

Quarter II – 2021

  • Launching of mobile app demo version.
  • The first 100 users to experience the App
  • Develop 10 agent
  • There are 3 showrooms in Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi

Quarter III – 2021

  • Complete App HanaGold
  • Increase the number of users to 1,000 users
  • There are 20 agents
  • Sales of 100 gold taels

Quarter IV – 2021

  • The number of users reaches 10,000 users
  • Connecting 2 more jewelry factories
  • Increase the number of franchised showrooms to 10 stores in other provinces
  • Reach 50 agents
  • Sales of 200 gold tatels

Quarter I – 2022

  • Connecting 10 most prestigious traditional gold shops
  • Continue to grow users to 50,000 users
  • There are 100 agents
  • Organize Jewelry Show Launching exclusive and limited edition jewelry collections from HanaGold

Quarter II – 2022

  • Connect 30 traditional gold shops to HanaGold
  • Prepare documents to be listed on the Upcom stock exchange
  • Converting 100 investors owning HNG into official shareholders of HanaGold

Quarter III & IV – 2022

  • Established Vietnam Jewelry Alliance
  • HanaGold is listed on the HOSE stock exchange

2023 – 2025

  • Building a jewelry tourism center in the North and the South in Vietnam
  • Develop and expand to the international market

About HNG

What is HNG token?

HanaGold Token (HNG) is a token issued by HanaGold Jewelry Joint Stock Company. When owning HNG, investors have many benefits from HanaGold’s products and services, including priority care, special policies for VIP members, discount on jewelry processing, commission on product distribution, preferential prices to open franchise showrooms…

HNG’s mission is to become a bridge for domestic and international investors to have the opportunity to invest in the jewelry industry in Vietnam to overcome the difficulties of traditional business with 4.0 technology.

HNG Token Issuer:

– Company name: HanaGold Jewelry JSC
– Tax code: 0316531254
– Website: https://hanagold.vn

HNG token can be used for:

  • Membership reward
  • Staking and Farming on Dapp
  • Annual Percentage Yield
  • Bonuses from HanaGold and partners
  • NFT jewelry auction
  • Right to buy HanaGold shares when listed

Membership Privileges

All investors who become HanaGold members will receive all following benefits:

  • Receive newsletters, promotions.
  • Experience level-specific program offers.
  • The total amount of product purchases is accumulated gradually for higher levels.

Token Allocation

HanaGold Token has a total supply of 30,000,000 HNG. These tokens will be distributed as follow: 

  • Reserve Fund: 25%
  • Team: 20%
  • Community and Airdrop: 10%
  • Marketing: 15%
  • Partners and Ecosystem: 5%
  • Strategy Investors: 10%
  • Private Sale: 10%
  • Public Sale: 5%


  • Name: HNG Token
  • Symbol: HNG
  • Platform: KardiaChain
  • Standard: KRC-20
  • Smart Contract Address: 0x148De93957ED77f8D5546323b1EdA0Bf06eB52f3
  • Type: Utility Token
  • Total supply: 30,000,000 HNG

HanaGold Token (HNG) Launchpad

Starting from 20:00 GMT+7 September 20, VNDC will start selling 1,000,000 HNG through the VNDC Launchpad feature on VNDC Wallet. Detail at: Listing and Token sale Launchpad HanaGold Token (HNG).

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