VNDC x LiveTrade: Cooperation to build a DIPO platform for the Vietnamese Community

VNDC x LiveTrade: Cooperation to build a DIPO platform for the Vietnamese Community

Today, on July 16th, 2020, VNDC and LiveTrade officially announced strategic cooperation to jointly develop an IPO platform based on Blockchain technology and VNDC Stablecoin (DIPO).

Who is LiveTrade?

LiveTrade is a US-based financial company (Address: 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE 19958, USA), founded and developed by a group of Vietnamese and American experts, led by Mr. Le Pham. LiveTrade focuses on providing financial solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), providing them with access to individual investors and venture capital funds. (See more at

Currently, LiveTrade is working as a bridge between foreign investors and Vietnam. LiveTrade is now in cooperation with Nexo to become Nexo’s service provider in Vietnam.

The first DIPO platform in the world

DIPO (Digital Initial Private Offering) is a digital platform that provides financial and investment solutions for SMBs around the world. DIPO offers SMBs a faster, easier, and more economical way to raise capital through digitizing companies’ stocks, shares, or securities and trading them on its digital trading platforms. LiveTrade will be in charge of appraising businesses based on the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) standards to ensure professional and transparent investment activities.

Foreign investors will also be able to use DIPO for more investment opportunities in other countries and boost profits, which is usually obstructed by differences in administration and financial procedures.

The partnership between VNDC and LiveTrade

With a mutual view to building a VNDC-based open digital financial platform, VNDC and LiveTrade have announced their agreement with the following main points:

  1. Collaborating on building the world’s first Blockchain-based DIPO. VNDC will focus on developing technologies and products for users in Vietnam and worldwide; bringing breakthrough experiences in financial investment to users with VNDC stablecoin. LiveTrade will develop business models and appraisals and work directly with businesses and investors to ensure a healthy and transparent investing environment. 
  2. Cooperating in deploying a digital mortgage service (VNDC Credit Line) for the Vietnamese community. LiveTrade is currently Nexo’s sole partner in Vietnam. Working with Nexo and LiveTrade, VNDC will provide the feature of creating VNDC and USDT loans backed by VNDC and Nexo respectively on the VNDC Wallet application. Users can also create VNDC loans directly from Nexo App. VNDC will store a part of its assets on Nexo to take the $100 million insurance package (Bitgo). 
  3. LiveTrade becoming the official trading partner of VNDC in the US (Diamond Partner) to provide VNDC deposit and/or withdrawal services to users in the US and worldwide. VNDC is intended for not only Vietnamese users but also Vietnamese communities around the world and foreigners who want to invest in Vietnam. VNDC will gradually become a means of exchange between Vietnamese people and the global community of crypto investors. 

About VNDC

VNDC provides the first stablecoin backed by Vietnamese dong to Vietnamese communities all over the world. VNDC’s mission is to bring Vietnam closer to the applications of Blockchain technology in general and cryptocurrencies in particular, helping cryptocurrency investors in Vietnam easily trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum through exchange feature. VNDC always has the same value as Vietnamese dong (1VND = 1VND).

VNDC offers a CreditLine feature, which allows users to create loans secured by digital assets. This feature allows users to use their digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and USDS as collateral to create credit limits on the VNDC platform. Users can use cash in a loan to continue investing or consuming without having to sell assets whose value can increase day by day. VNDC and LiveTrade (Nexo) will guarantee assets security for both lenders and borrowers in the process.

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