VNDC x CyStack: Collaborate to build the Digital Asset Custody Platform for Vietnamese Community

VNDC x CyStack: Collaborate to build the Digital Asset Custody Platform for Vietnamese Community

You can also read CyStack’s official announcement here.

After having worked closely together to deploy CyStack’s cybersecurity services and products on the VNDC Wallet system, today, on July 9, 2020, VNDC and CyStack officially announced a strategic partner for the purpose of developing VNDC Wallet into a digital asset safe for Vietnamese people, especially those currently using, storing and trading digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

CyStack experts will directly participate by consulting, building, and implementing comprehensive network security solutions for core systems and applications of VNDC. This guarantees the absolute security for digital assets stored on VNDC Wallet as well as customers’ personal and transaction information. Some key aspects of the alliance between VNDC x CyStack are as follows:

  1. Deployment of CyStack Security on the VNDC Wallet application to provide users with better account security and validate transactions to alert and stop fraudulent acts.
  2. CyStack directly consults, supports, and provides solutions for monitoring and preventing network and malware attacks on the core system of VNDC (Financial Platform). CyStack also ensures the system’s compliance with the highest security standards.
  3. Collaborate to build the Digital Asset Custody Platform – VNDC Custody (cold wallet) to protect all types of digital assets when stored in the VNDC Wallet.

“CyStack has been VNDC’s trusted partner and #1 choice for matters concerning security for a long time. VNDC currently has 500,000 users and will continue to grow at a rapid pace in the near future, thus security is an extremely important issue for us. The alliance with CyStack helps complete VNDC’s security layers, gradually making VNDC Wallet an impenetrable safe for digital property owners in Vietnam and everywhere in the world. ” Mr. Eric Vuong, founder of the VNDC Stablecoin project.

About CyStack

A cybersecurity company established in Vietnam with a license to provide and develop cybersecurity solutions. The company was founded by a group of cybersecurity engineers with a vision to build a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for businesses and Internet users in Vietnam. At the moment, CyStack provides different solutions for cloud security (CyStack Cloud, CyStack Attacks) and the first Crowdsourced Security platform in Vietnam (WhiteHub).  CyStack is also a partner providing products and services to many businesses in Vietnam and Asia.

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About VNDC

VNDC is a FinTech company established in July 2019 in Singapore. VNDC is positioned as a Stablecoin for the Vietnamese community worldwide. VNDC operates on Blockchain using the Ethereum platform, ERC-20, and Binance Chain BEP-2 standards. VNDC ranks #2 worldwide in the number of stablecoin holders and is listed on major international trading platforms. The value of VNDC is always backed up by equivalent assets to guarantee the exchange rate of 1 VNDC = 1 VND. Currently, VNDC is developing an open financial ecosystem based on VNDC Stablecoin & the VNDC Wallet application.

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