VNDC Wallet officially lists DPET Token, Launchpad open on April 27th

VNDC Wallet officially lists DPET Token, Launchpad open on April 27th

DPET Token is a product of the My DeFi Pet ecosystem – a blockchain game project built by leading game developers from TopeBox and the KardiaChain developer team. This game offers a delightful traditional pet game experience combined with modern DeFi features. After a period of working with the founding team of My DeFi Pet and realizing that this project has a strong potential for growth in the future, at 15:00 on April 26 today, VNDC officially lists DPET Token on VNDC Wallet, and will launch the DPET Token distribution program via VNDC Launchpad tomorrow (April 27, 2021).

DPET Token distribution program on VNDC Launchpad

Starting from 21:00 on April 27, 2021, VNDC will launch to sell 250,000 DPET through the VNDC Launchpad feature on the app. All users from VIP 0 and above can own DPET with the price of the first issue: 1 DPET = 2,000 VNDC (0.08 USDT). The opening of the sale is expected to last for 2 days (ending on April 29th), in fact it may end sooner if the entire number of DPET is distributed to users.

Immediately after completing the DPET distribution process via Launchpad, VNDC will activate the P2P Trading feature for DPET Token. Investors can trade DPET with other users right on the app at the price given by the order maker.

Key metrics:

  • Name: My DeFi Pet Token
  • Ticker: DPET
  • Total supply: 100,000,000 DPET
  • Token Type: Utility Token
  • Blockchain: KardiaChain
  • Standard: KRC20

Buying volume at each account level

Launchpad DPET program is for all VNDC users, in which the minimum purchase amount at VNDC Launchpad is 100 DPET, the maximum number of purchases is applied for each VIP account level according to the limit below:

VIP Level Maximum buyable DPET tokens 
VIP 0 250 DPET
VIP 1 500 DPET
VIP 2 1,000 DPET
VIP 3 1,200 DPET
VIP 4 1,500 DPET
VIP 5 1,800 DPET
VIP 6 2,000 DPET
VIP 7 2,500 DPET
VIP 8 3,000 DPET
VIP 9 4,000 DPET

An introduction to the My DeFi Pet

My DeFi Pet is a blockchain game project built by leading game developers from TopeBox and a blockchain team under the enthusiastic support of KardiaChain. Through My DeFi Pet, players can collect, breed or trade monsters, fight and participate in events to receive attractive prizes up to 100,000 USDT per season. My DeFi Pet brings participants an exciting experience through the integration of 3 main elements: Pet raising game, My personalization, DeFi features integrated.

About My DeFi Pet Token (DPET)

DPET Token is the electronic currency used in the My DeFi Pet ecosystem, to serve 4 purposes when playing games:

  • In-game Currency: Most in-game items can be purchased and sold with DPET tokens.
  • Governance: Allows players to vote for new features and set up the game to create special items (DPET Token Key for a certain period of time).
  • Staking: The farming pools will be created for players to load DPET and receive rewards with new items or with the DPET token itself.
  • Play 2 Earn: Receive DPET tokens through completing in-game missions.

In addition, DPET Token can also cross-chain transactions between Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain. By utilizing non-invasive cross-chain interoperability from its blockchain platform, KardiaChain is able to provide gaming to any existing blockchain community, such as Ethereum and Polkadot.

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