Latest Update 1.8.2: New Advanced KYC Policy, Lucky Draw for All Users

Latest Update 1.8.2: New Advanced KYC Policy, Lucky Draw for All Users

Like every other great project, at VNDC, we are always ready to listen and receive all comments and feedback from users to continuously improve and optimize our product. After taking users’ responses, VNDC officially launched version 1.8.2 of the VNDC Wallet application with some changes and improvements and put a big update on our Advanced KYC policy with a program to reward lucky gifts for all users.

Version 1.8.2 detail update:

  • Put a change on Advanced KYC policy.
  • Launch Get Free Crypto feature, with many attractive gifts for each campaign. 
  • Give a new look for My Portfolio, adding intuitive charts to help clients track and manage their investments more efficiently.
  • Upgrade the Register/Login interface to help customers have a better experience. 

Please update the application to enjoy this latest version or download it from iOS or Android.

New Advanced KYC policy

From now on, users only have to deposit 10 USDT to become a Trusted customer instead of 100 USDT as before.

Individuals (trusted) are regular customers who have passed the evaluation criteria of the VNDC Credit Scoring system. Trusted customers will be prioritized for many features:

  • Creating P2P Trading transactions
  • Joining the Launchpad platform
  • Sending tokens on/off-chain


Lucky gifts for all users

As a thank to the entire community for supporting, commenting, and accompanying VNDC during the past time, VNDC sends gifts to all users through the Get Free Crypto feature. Specifically:

  • All users will receive a 01 bonus opening, with a successful opening rate to receive digital assets (Bitcoin, USDT, VIDB, WHC, RICE, ATS, MAN…) is 100%. 
  • Each newly registered user will also receive a 01 bonus draw.
  • Users are qualified to an additional bonus for each successful referral of a friend using VNDC Wallet, provided that the referred person has completed Basic Account Authentication (Basic KYC).
  • In addition, the feature will also automatically give random rewards to partners and users with large trading volumes during the day.


To show the rewarded tokens on the main screen, please:

  • Check the notification on the top right corner to know which token you had been rewarded after playing Get Free Crypto.
  • Go back to the front menu
  • Click [Options], then enable the asset you want to show it on screen.

Wish you have the best experience with VNDC Wallet!

Best regards,

VNDC team.

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