VNDC Wallet 1.8.0: Enhance User’s Experience in Digital Asset Investment

VNDC Wallet 1.8.0: Enhance User’s Experience in Digital Asset Investment

Receive and analyze customer feedback; on August 22nd, 2021, VNDC officially launches the updated version 1.8.0 of VNDC Wallet Pro application.

With the improvements in both interface and performance in this new update, VNDC wishes to bring a better and more convenient investment experience to customers and show the progressive and continuous innovation of the team.

Please update the application to experience the new version. Down here are some descriptions of VNDC Wallet’s changes in this new update.

1. Brand new Main Menu bar

Realizing that Exchange is the most used feature, VNDC puts it in the main menu bar, shortening the operation time by 80% compared to the older version. The order in which the elements are arranged is most convenient for the user.

Specifically, when clicking on the Exchange icon in the middle of the Main Menu bar, users are immediately taken to the new interface of the Exchange screen.

Here, users select the asset they want to Swap and enter the desired amount. Press the arrow if you’re going to change the trading pair; press “Max” to enter the maximum amount; press “Exchange” to execute the order.

2. Introduce: Invest feature 

Invest is a feature created by a lot of team enthusiasm, with the determination to bring a breakthrough to customers experience.

When clicking Invest icon on Menu Menu bar, users are immediately taken to the Investment interface with various tools and indicators, meeting the daily needs of every investor.

With this feature, users can track all supported digital assets on VNDC Wallet, classified according to a variety of reference needs:

  • List of pre-classified assets: A portfolio includes the Top 100, Trending, Bullish, Decline, Stocks, Newly listed assets – classified by price movement, market cap, or volume. You can sort them in descending/ascending order.
  • My Portfolio: A list of digital assets you hold on VNDC Wallet, with the number of investments and the increase/decrease level.
  • NFT, DEFI, Network, Exchange: These categories classify tokens according to their origin and function in the crypto market. 
  • Tags: A directory of digital assets classified by popular themes.

Besides, at the Invest feature, users can click on any token to track a detailed description of that asset, including:

  • Price chart: In addition to the familiar Candlestick Chart like the old version, this new update has added a Line Chart format, describing fluctuations in daily, weekly, monthly, 3-month, yearly frames.

  • Stats: Important parameters such as weekly, monthly, and 3-month price movements; 1 year high and low, ATH, 24h volume, average volume, market cap, circulating supply, total supply, views.
  • Opportunity: Track useful features that can be applied to that asset on VNDC Wallet such as Staking Daily, Farming, Credit Line,…

  • News and Tags: Follow the latest topics, news, articles for that asset.

  • Information: Refer to information about the asset and the project/platform it represents.

3. Investment management support tools

To help users efficiently manage their investment activities, VNDC has launched a set of valuable tools, including:

  • Average cost and estimate Profit/Loss: When users buy/sell digital assets through Exchange or P2P Transactions, the system will automatically calculate and update the average price in the Average Cost section. For the number of tokens traded not from these two features, users can manually initialize the cost price so that the system will help you calculate profit and loss.

  • Technical Analysis: VNDC provides a set of indicators compiled based on popular technical indicators such as SMA, EMA, MACD, RSI… to help investors consider and support decision making.

  • Watchlist: Watchlist is a feature that allows users to create a list of tokens they want to track actively. To add tokens to the Watchlist, users simply need to tap on the star icon in the upper right corner of the token detail screens.

The update also has some changes:

  • Referral is now in the left Menu.
  • Additional requirements for Account Verification (KYC) via videos.
  • Enhance Credit Line interface.

Above are some brief introductions about the newly launched Version 1.8.0 of VNDC Wallet Pro App. Please update the application to enjoy the latest version, or download the application at: iOS or Android.

In the coming time, VNDC will continuously update other handy features. Please follow VNDC’s channels for continuous updates.

Wish you have a great experience with VNDC Wallet Pro.


VNDC team.

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