VNDC suggests users disable Send On-chain feature for safety reasons

VNDC suggests users disable Send On-chain feature for safety reasons

Recently, the number of VNDC users has been increasing; at the same time VNDC has been gaining more trust from users day by day, and users’ assets stored on VNDC Wallet are also growing in value. As a result, internet fraud of many kinds have emerged. Like any other technological products, VNDC has always considered users’ security one of the top priorities. Consequently, VNDC has co-operated with CyStack to upgrade and add more features to guarantee users’ safety.

However, scammers or cybercriminals are constantly modifying their attacks, which include fake websites (to get users phished), fake fanpages, and identity frauds which occur when scammers pretend to be VNDC’s employees.

Users should bear in mind that:

  1. Supporters from VNDC NEVER send private messages first to anyone on all social channels and NEVER ask for users’ password or OTP.
  2. VNDC Wallet App is only available on Appstore and Google Play Store under the name of “VNDC Wallet Pro“. VNDC has officially closed the mobile website. Such websites as;; are only intended for helping users with the instructions and updating users on any news.

VNDC suggests users:

  1. Disable Send On-chain feature while it’s not in use and only enable it when necessary. Users should also be well aware of the risks if they lose their password and OTP at the same time (please see the below instruction).
  2. Never log in to their VNDC account from VNDC Wallet Pro app on any other devices but their own mobile phone.
  3. Never enter OTP on any other devices but their own mobile phone.
  4. Create a strong password which is hard to guess and use face verification on mobile phone.

How to disable Send On-chain feature

Step 1: Tap on any wallet (i.e. VNDC)

Step 2: Choose Send On-Chain

Step 3: Disable Send On-chain feature by clicking the standby symbol at the upper right corner

Step 4: Enter OTP to confirm

Step 5: Succeed

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