VNDC releases VNDC Ecosystem Report 2020

VNDC releases VNDC Ecosystem Report 2020

2020 can be said to be a year full of challenges and difficulties. However, for VNDC, this is an important milestone, the first step in the journey of bringing VNDC to the world. Facing obstacles, the VNDC team always makes every effort to research and upgrade products. Thanks to that, in just a short time, VNDC has become one of the safest and most prestigious places for storing and trading assets for domestic and international investors. 

Launched in March 2020, after only 9 months, VNDC Wallet has become one of the leading applications in the field of digital assets investment. The VNDC Community is one of the largest and fastest-growing communities in the Crypto sector in Vietnam. With more than 800,000 users from more than 100 countries around the world, VNDC has proven the reputation to be a reliable place for investors to deposit their assets in today’s volatile crypto market.

To summarize the achievements of VNDC through the year 2020 as well as the journey that the VNDC team has been together, VNDC officially issues the VNDC 2020 Report, giving investors an objective view about VNDC’s development.

VNDC 2020 Report

VNDC Ecosystem Report 2020 will give customers impressive numbers VNDC has achieved over the past year. These numbers are one of the most realistic evidence showing the prestige and effectiveness of VNDC for the cryptocurrency investor community:

  • Yearly trading volume reached: 12.94 trillion VND
  • Number of users: 829,932 users
  • Assets listed on VNDC: 52 digital assets including cryptocurrencies and crypto stocks

In addition, VNDC’s customers and partners can also look back on the efforts of the VNDC team in the process of perfecting products, contributing to the outstanding growth in a difficult and challenging year.

In the new year of 2021, VNDC continues to set a target of 100% growth, at the same time upgrading and perfecting products to provide users with the best experience.

Download VNDC Ecosystem Report 2020 here.

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