VNDC officially issued VIDB, open for sale on VNDC DIPO at 16:00 today

VNDC officially issued VIDB, open for sale on VNDC DIPO at 16:00 today

After a careful preparation, today, VNDC officially announced the issuance of VIDB token to the community. This is a utility token that will be used in the ecosystem of VNDC, opened for sale on VNDC DIPO at 16:00 on December 21, 2020.

VIDB (VNDC International Digital Banking) is a utility token in the VNDC financial ecosystem, including: VNDC Wallet, VNDC Exchange, VNDC Borrow, VNDC Staking, VNDC Farming, VNDC P2P,…VIDB is used for payment of transaction fees, collateral for partners, account rating,…

In addition, VIDB is considered as an asset presenting the value of the VNDC – a platform with more than 800,000 users and transaction volume is over 150 million dollars (more than 3,000 billion VND) per month. Investors owning VIDB will be shared profit from VNDC business activities. 

VIDB will be open for sale on VNDC DIPO at 16:00 on December 21, 2020, with the amount of 100,000,000 VIDB (privately distributed more than 20 million VIDB) within 7 days. Program may end sooner if the number of VIDB is distributed completely to users and partners.

Purchase rights according to account level

To avoid inflation and risks from speculating VIDB in large quantity, the system will automatically limit the user’s buying volume. As follows:

Level The maximum amount of VIDB that can be purchased
VIP 1 1,000 VIDB
VIP 2  5,000 VIDB
VIP 3  15,000 VIDB
VIP 4  50,000 VIDB
VIP 5 150,000 VIDB
VIP 6 1,500,000 VIDB
VIP 7 1,500,000 VIDB
VIP 8 1,500,000 VIDB
VIP 9 1,500,000 VIDB

Roadmap to open features for VIDB on VNDC Wallet

16h:00, 21/12/2020 – 15:59, 28/12/2020


(Can be closed sooner when fully distributed)

Issue on VNDC DIPO

  • Issue 100 million VIDB (distributed more than 20% to major partners) on VNDC DIPO, limit buying rights according to account level.
  • Eligible Business Partners will receive 2-7% commissions for transactions on DIPO, paid at partner level and in VNDC.
  • Without locking, customers can make transactions right after owning VIDB.
21/12/2020 Open feature

  • Send/receive On-chain 
  • Send/receive On-chain
  • VNDC Escrow
21/12/2020 Open P2P Trading

  • Open P2P trading so that customers owning VIDB can sell and buy with other users.
21/12/2020 Open Staking Daily

From 10,000 VIDB: Receive 1 VND for 1 VIDB owned per day.

22/12/2020 Open VNDC Borrow

  • Open VNDC Credit Line for VIDB collateral, limit of 50%, interest rate from only 5.9%.
01/01/2021 Open VNDC Farming

  • Open VIDB pools on VNDC Farming to mine new tokens and VIDB.
10/01/2021 List on Nami Exchange
10/01/2021 Open VNDC Exchange feature for VIDB.
10/01/2021 Charge fees by VIDB, 30-50% lower than VNDC.
20/01/2021 Announce real-time asset valuation website of VNDC ecosystem, pools sharing business profits from VNDC platform.

Specifications of VIDB

Standard ERC20 (Ethereum)
Smart contract 0xbfce0c7d3ba3a7f7a039521fe371a87bf84baad4
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
Amount for sale on VNDC DIPO 100,000,000
Price 0.2$ (4,673 VNDC)


Hoang Thao Marketing Executive of VNDC, enjoy reading, writing and sharing.