VNDC official launch the peer-to-peer crypto exchange

VNDC official launch the peer-to-peer crypto exchange

From now on, VNDC officially supports peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto exchange (P2P Trading) on the VNDC Wallet App (available on both Android and iOS). Users now can buy and sell digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and so on directly with others. Using VNDC as an intermediary instead of fiat money like other platforms, VNDC P2P Trading brings about absolute convenience and safety to agents and buyers. Partners and users whose accounts have already been verified can participate in creating distribution orders, collecting digital assets as well as engaging in an arbitrage by matching purchase/selling orders from other users.

What is P2P trading?

P2P (peer-to-peer) trading, also known as C2C (customers-to-customers) trading, allows users to directly deal with partners and other users as well as set their own prices. The P2P platform will serve as a facilitator by providing a platform for buyers and sellers to convey their offers.

What is distinctive about VNDC?

Currently, most peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading solutions are carried out with the help of middlemen and involved in fiat money. This form of trading might have numerous imminent drawbacks including such frauds as money laundering, causing huge troubles to all parties involved. Aware of this, VNDC P2P uses VNDC Stablecoin as a trading intermediary instead of using offline transactions (bank transfer, e-wallet,  …). Users can create orders and conduct transactions based on the amount of VNDC and other digital assets available, thus minimizing the risk of money laundering and other frauds.

With a view to creating a transparent digital asset trading environment, VNDC commits itself to reimburse 100% of the asset value should users encounter any frauds while using VNDC P2P Trading. 

Start trading by downloading the VNDC Wallet app and find more instructions here.

“P2P trading is a more flexible model for cryptocurrency trading, which allows users to choose the types of cryptocurrency, quantity and purchase/selling price. We can see its potential in promoting accessibility and adoption of cryptocurrencies in a decentralized way. Recognizing the benefits of VNDC in general and VNDC P2P Trading in particular, we aim to bring VNDC and VNDC P2P Trading to a large number of users with the expected trading volume around $100 million by the end of 2020” said Mr. Eric Vuong, the founder of VNDC.

Users with financial resources and cryptocurrencies can use VNDC P2P Trading to easily earn $300-$ 1,000 per day by trading cryptocurrencies with over 500,000 users available on VNDC Wallet.

About VNDC P2P Trading

VNDC Peer-to-Peer Trading (P2P) is a peer-to-peer (C2C or B2C) trading platform based on VNDC Stablecoin (1 VNDC = 1 VND). VNDC P2P Trading offers a better and safer trading experience, eliminating 100% risk of money laundering and other frauds, especially in the OTC digital assets market in Vietnam. 

For more details, please visit: We also prepare instructions for newbies here.

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