VNDC & MOONKA to Collaborate on Becoming Strategic Partners

VNDC & MOONKA to Collaborate on Becoming Strategic Partners

Today, August 26th, VNDC and MOOKA officially announced the strategic cooperation agreement. This cooperation aims to combine the strengths of both platforms to deploy valuable products and services to users, especially the investor community interested in Vietnamese real estate.

The main contents of the cooperation agreement are as follow:

  • VNDC is the unit of Stablecoin used on the MOONKA platform: All transactions on the platforms of the Moonka ecosystem will be made in VNDC. 
  • Moonka will integrate the VNDC Stablecoin contract on the Moonka platform.
  • VNDC and Moonka cooperate and support each other in communication and community development.

About Moonka

Moonka is the first blockchain-based real estate buying platform in Vietnam. With the protocol to convert real estate into digital assets, MOONKA opens up investment opportunities in the potential Vietnamese real estate market with just a few taps for investors worldwide.

Highlights of Moonka:

  • Potential products: Moonka’s real estate products are selected by a network of local market knowledge and policymakers.
  • Experienced brokerage: Moonka brings together a community of international digital asset investors with potential and passion for real estate investment in Vietnam.
  • Secure payment: Moonka only encrypts real estate that meets the legal criteria set according to the Law of Vietnam and the appraisal unit.
  • Pioneering technology: With Smart Contract from KardiaChain’s Blockchain platform, investors can easily invest with a small amount of capital from 1/1000 part of real estate value and transparently share profits.

MKA is the token of the MOONKA platform. MKA is used to register members and use services in the MOONKA ecosystem. Only members can participate in joint investment in real estate projects that have been censored from a professional team. Investors can also Stake MKA to receive rewards from MOONKA’s Blockchain. MOONKA currently has an IDO plan in Q3/2021 on DEX and CEX exchanges.

For more information about MOONKA, please visit: 

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