VNDC launches the DIPO feature, supporting new projects

VNDC launches the DIPO feature, supporting new projects

Recently, the trend of looking for new projects with great growth potential for investment is prevalent in the crypto market. Foreseeing this need, while helping products reach customers more easily, VNDC officially launched DIPO – the first Digital Initial Private Offering in Vietnam.

What is Dipo?

DIPO is the platform for digital projects released on the cryptocurrency market for the first time through the VNDC Wallet platform.

DIPO can serve as a launchpad for blockchain projects to raise capital and increase the accessibility of projects across the crypto ecosystem. Through the community of more than 800,000 VNDC users, DIPO is the bridge for projects to reach investors quickly. In return, VNDC users also have a safe environment to be part of great, and potential projects.

Specifically, the digital assets that are first introduced to the public will be available on VNDC DIPO with promotion before being officially listed on the exchanges. This provides an opportunity for investors to easily access these projects and to own them at a cheaper price.

At the same time, DIPO allows SMEs to raise capital more easily, quickly, and economically, allowing them to focus their efforts on the most important aims: development of product and applicability.

Which projects will appear on DIPO?

Before a project can be put on the DIPO launcher, there is a rigorous review process to determine whether it meets the VNDC standards:

  • The project has grown to a relatively mature step.
  • Large scale readiness capability.
  • Strong and dedicated team.
  • Potentially beneficial for the growth and development of the broader crypto ecosystem.

When a project passes this selection process, it will appear on the VNDC DIPO.

Before being officially launched for sale, the projects will be introduced to users in the status “Coming soon”. Customers will be provided with detailed information from which to easily perform potential analysis of projects before deciding to invest.

Note: Projects on VNDC DIPO are only open for sale with a certain amount, and will end when this volume is fully distributed. Customers please pay attention to the start time of the project to participate in holding assets as desired.

Currently, VNDC is about to launch two major projects: VIDB (VNDC International Digital Banking) and KardiaChain (KAI). Users can track the details of the two projects on the VNDC Wallet application.

The asset-buying guide on VNDC DIPO

Step 1: On the interface screen, select the DIPO feature at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Select projects that are being offered for sale, click on the button “BUY” to buy assets.

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to own in the box “Purchase quantity”. At this time, the screen will display the payable amount, confirm by pressing the button “BUY”.

Step 4: Check information and confirm the transaction.

Step 5: After the transaction is done successfully, a message will appear on the screen, click to view transaction details.

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