VNDC launches the Anti-scam feature

VNDC launches the Anti-scam feature

During all this time, VNDC has always strived to keep user’s accounts more secure, preventing fraud in the VNDC Community. However, there are still some situations of customers being appropriated property through dealing with crooks. To completely solve this problem, VNDC cooporated with cybersecurity company CyStack to launch the feature of anti-scam on VNDC Wallet.

Specifically, when using this feature, all of the On-chain/Off-chain transactions will be analyzed by CyStack’s security system. If there is any fraud, a warning will be given to customers before making a transaction.

From 15:00 January 16, 2021, users can experience this feature on the VNDC Wallet just from 1 WHC/day. (~0.05 USD/day).

Direction of registering and using CyStack feature

Step 1: Choose the Cystack feature on the home screen.

Step 2: Press “Anti-scam Service” to activate the utility.

Step 3: Choose the suitable service pack.

Cystack provides 3 packages by week, by month and by year to diversify user’s choices. The fee will be paid in WHC Token.

Choose the suitable pack and press “Confirm”.

Note: You can activate the automatic extension for the pack service on the button Auto renew.

How the application works

After activating the feature, the Cystack system will analyze the safety of the receiver address and give warning to users before an On-chain/Off-chain transaction is made.

If the recipient’s account is secure, customers can do the transaction normally. For untrusted wallet addresses, the system will issue an alert to help customers consider before executing the sending order.

Here, users can stop the transaction by selecting “Cancel” or continue the deposit if you are sure this is the wallet address to send. 

About CyStack

CyStack is a Cybersecurity company established and licensed to provide and develop network information security solutions in Vietnam. Founded by a cybersecurity engineer team with a vision to build a comprehensive network security solution for businesses. CyStack provides diverse solutions to monitoring network security (CyStack Cloud, CyStack Attacks); the first Crowdsourcing Security platform in Vietnam (WhiteHub).

Currently, CyStack is one of the important strategic partners of VNDC, joining in consulting, building, and implementing comprehensive network security solutions for the core system of VNDC Wallet application, ensuring absolute security for digital assets stored on the wallet as well as personal information, transaction history of the users.

Also, CyStack cooperates with partners who are the leading businesses in several fields in Vietnam such as:, Bee, Vin ID, Luxstay, Sendo, Trustpay, TomoChain, Nami Corporation…

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