VNDC increased interest rate for LUA to 33%/year

VNDC increased interest rate for LUA to 33%/year

As a token of great interest to many investors and VNDC Wallet users, LUA is in a rapid development process since its launch. VNDC will raise the LUA token’s staking interest rate from 0 pm on 18/11/2020.

Specifically, customers holding LUA on VNDC Wallet will be paid interest at 00:00 daily with an interest rate of 0.08% per day (equivalent to 33% per year) when owning at least 10 LUA.

About LUA

LUA is a token that runs on the Luaswap protocol, distributed among liquidity providers to encourage them to stick with the protocol. Owning the LUA token will give the LPs the right to administer the protocol, participate in deciding the next block to join LuaSwap, as well as the next direction of the protocol.

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