VNDC hits over 300,000 users

VNDC hits over 300,000 users

After reaching 100,000 users in short time, VNDC officially hits 300,000 users today. This further confirms the trust and support of users for VNDC team. Besides, VNDC has achieved many other important milestones in recent times, by establishing strategic partnerships with PrimeTrust, WhiteBIT, Legacy Trust and BKCoin Capital. Moreover, VNDC Wallet application also officially reached over 200,000 downloads according to data from the Google Play Store and App Store.

VNDC is on the right mission and vision from the first days, building a new financial platform based on Stablecoin for Vietnamese people around the world and bringing VNDC to the life. Through VNDC Wallet, VNDC will build a comprehensive ecosystem for professional financial and crypto investors; Individual investors and even the most ordinary users can use VNDC to make their lives easier.

“I think that in the near future, VNDC users will have many other investment options, not only for saving, investing in cryptocurrencies, but also for investing in gold, real estate, venture capital, potential start-up companies / projects, entrusted investments, securities investments… ”- Mr. Matthew, chief product officer of VNDC shared.

VNDC is completing the final stages for VNDC Wallet date before announcing the new version (Big Update) 1.1.9 of VNDC Wallet application with many extremely attractive features:

  • Manage the deposit/withdrawal method: banking, E-wallet
  • Redeem VNDC to buy or exchange goods with merchants (stores, ecommerce website…)
  • Credit Line: borrow USDT/USDS at 5.9% APR (backed by
  • VNDC agents can verify KYC for users
  • VNDC agents can get commissions from exchanging, credit line and deposit/withdrawal
  • Users can change the referrer
  • Buy/sell VNDC directly through VNDC agents

In addition, the agent policy version 2.0 of VNDC will be announced soon, VNDC wants each agent to be an ambassador of VNDC, bringing trust, the most honest and clearest experiences to users, to create the value, to make the businesses with VNDC.

Download now and experience the interesting features on VNDC Wallet: Apple Store & Google Play Store.

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