VNDC is ready to use on AToken Wallet

VNDC is ready to use on AToken Wallet

Today, VNDC is honored to announce a new partnership with AToken Limited, the owner of AToken Wallet – a popular online and decentralized blockchain wallet with over 1.5 million users worldwide.

Like other stablecoins, VNDC is operated by Blockchain technology based on Ethereum standard ERC-20. VNDC’s Smart Contract has been evaluated and verified by multiple reputable organizations (for details, please visit here). Therefore, VNDC can be readily integrated and used in many decentralized Apps and Blockchain Wallets.

Thanks to this partnership, users can store VNDC (ERC20 standard) in VNDC Wallet Pro (centralized wallet provided and insured by VNDC) and many other decentralized wallets including AToken, Trust Wallet, Metamask, etc. as well as use decentralized applications (Dapps) developed by VNDC and others. In the coming time, VNDC is going to launch many decentralized applications (Dapps) such as VNDC Staking, VNDC Exchange, VNDC Credit Line, VNDC P2P and so on.

“AToken is a popular blockchain wallet, used by more than 1.5 million people in countries around the world. Integrating VNDC into the AToken Wallet App can give VNDC holders more options to store VNDC and allow them to use decentralized applications on AToken. With a great vision of building an open financial platform based on Stablecoin VNDC, VNDC can be spread to a wider community thanks to the partnership with AToken.”, said Mr. Eric Vuong, Founder of VNDC project.

About AToken

What is Atoken Wallet? Atoken wallet is a decentralized wallet used to directly manage many mainchain assets such as BTC, ETH, USDT, VNDC, etc. AToken is the main product of AToken Limited company, a company specializing in blockchain technology and invested by Node Capital and OjuT Group. There are also numerous other useful services integrated in the AToken Wallet which bring users huge benefits in terms of technology and blockchain ecosystem.

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About VNDC

VNDC is a FinTech company established in July 2019 in Singapore. VNDC is positioned as a Stablecoin for Vietnamese community around the world. It is operated by Blockchain technology based on Ethereum standard ERC-20 and Binance Chain standard BEP-2. VNDC currently ranks 2nd by the number of holders and has been listed on major exchanges around the world. VNDC is pegged to the Vietnamese fiat currency (1 VNDC = 1 VND) and backed by assets stored at major commercial banks in Vietnam. Currently, VNDC is developing an open financial ecosystem based on VNDC Stablecoin & VNDC Wallet App.

> Website:

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