VNDC 101: How to Use Farming Feature

VNDC 101: How to Use Farming Feature

Farming is a valuable feature on VNDC Wallet, allowing users to take advantage of storing digital assets on the wallet to join Pools to receive attractive rewards. Users can deposit assets (stake) they own to receive free tokens in proportion to each pool. Each Farming Pool has different specifications and different reward levels. However, there are the following things in common:

  • Members deposit their assets to receive free tokens in proportion to each pool. Rewards are paid out daily, instantly withdrawable.
  • The number of deposited assets will be temporarily locked by default for the duration of the pool. Still, some pools are currently allowing users to unstake before maturity for a fee of 1.5% of the number of tokens you want to withdraw.

In addition, you can see detailed specifications of each pool at the end of this tutorial.

How to use Farming Feature? A step-by-step guide

Scroll down from the main screen, tap on Farming at Features

Find Farming Pool according to your needs.

Here, there will be pools with different Withdraw-Stake assets, participation time, and reward rates. Click on each pool to find out more details and specific parameters (*). Tap Stake to join in.

(*) The parameters of each Farming Pool are described in detail at the end of this tutorial.

Enter the amount you want to stake in the pool. The system will automatically display the following information:

  • Total Current Staked Value
  • You Staked
  • Reward Rate
  • Estimated Reward
  • The minimum stake is
  • Available balance

Tap STAKE NOW to join in.

Farming Pool Specifications

  • Stake Token – Get Token: Users deposit one type of token into the pool and get another one.
  • Period: Participants will receive interest during this period. The amount of staked assets will be locked and reopened at the end of the pool.
  • Pool’s End time
  • Pool size: The maximum amount of assets allowed to be deposited into the pool.
  • Total Current Staked Value: The number of tokens that have been staked into the pool up to the present time.
  • You Staked: Amount of tokens you deposited in the pool.
  • Reward Rate: Deposit and reward ratio. Each pool will have different rates.
  • Unlock Rate: The percentage of rewards that are withdrawn after the interest is received.
  • Reward Type: Normally, VNDC’s Pools will pay customers daily, but this cycle can also vary depending on each pool.
  • Received Reward: Rewards received up to the present time.
  • Estimated Reward: The total reward will be received after the end of the pool.
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