VNDC 101: How to create a Support Ticket on VNDC Wallet

VNDC 101: How to create a Support Ticket on VNDC Wallet

To assure all users can use VNDC Wallet most smoothly and safely, we enable Help Center to work on customer problems. When you encounter issues during use, please send a support request (Ticket) to the VNDC Help Center and receive feedback right on the application.

Note: Your request will be processed in up to 3 days (72 hours), from the last response time, in order from old to new. Therefore, please do not continuously create new tickets about one problem to avoid losing information and pushing back the processing order.

How to create a support ticket on VNDC Wallet? 

On the main screen, open Settings, then select Help Center section.

Tap on the plus icon in the top right corner of the screen to create a new ticket.

Classify your problem: Search and select from the subjects suggested by VNDC, such as:

  • Buy/sell VNDC: Issues and questions related to the purchase or sale of VNDC, directly or through partners.
  • On-chain transactions: Issues and questions associated with transfers, withdrawals from VNDC Wallet to other wallets, or vice versa
  • Exchange feature: Issues and questions related to exchange transactions of cryptos, shares.
  • Personal information, KYC: Issues, questions, and requests related to information changes or KYC.
  • P2P Trading: Issues and questions related to policies and transactions on the P2P trading system.
  • Others: Issues not covered by the above range.

Fill in your information:

  • ID Transaction (Not required): The transaction ID that is displayed on the transaction details. Example: VNDC12345678
  • Title: Briefly outline the problem. For example: “Account KYC required,” “Exchange but not received VNDC,” “On-chain transfer but not received.”
  • Description: Describe your questions, problems, and requests in detail so that our support staff can solve them as quickly as possible. For example: “I have transferred xxx USDT to xxx wallet, my VNDC account has subtracted money, but my other wallet has not received” or “I have KYC account, but it was rejected. I request to verify my account.”
  • Attached (Not required): Insert a picture of the problem. Example: transaction photos, error screenshots,…

Click Create Ticket. Your request will be forwarded to the VNDC Help Center and processed within 72 hours.

In addition, users can also submit a support request through VNDC’s website at and fill in the support ticket information similar to the instructions above.

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