TRON (TRX) officially listed on VNDC Wallet

TRON (TRX) officially listed on VNDC Wallet

TRON (TRX) has been officially listed on VNDC Wallet App (for both Android and iOS) at 8:00, 18/09/2020. VNDC users and partners can now store, send/receive, buy/sell (Exchange), handle P2P transactions, guaranteed transactions (VNDC Escrow) and get Staking Daily by TRX.

About TRON (TRX)

TRON is a highly scalable, high-bandwidth blockchain platform that allows developers to create Smart Contracts and develop dApps. 

TRX is the official cryptocurrency operating on the TRON Blockchain platform. Initially, TRX was built on the Ethereum platform according to the ERC20 standard, until 05/2018, TRON officially completed Mainnet. From there, TRX was moved to run on the TRON Blockchain. Now, TRX has been listed on biggest cryptocurrency exchanges such as: Binance, OKEx, Upbit, Huobi Global,…

Read more about TRON (TRX) here.

TRON Price 619 VNDC
Market Cap 1.961.832.581 US$
24-hour Trading Volume $3.680.233.111 USD
Circulating supply 71.659.657.369 TRX
Total supply 100.850.743.812 TRX

Features that can be used with TRX on VNDC Wallet

  • Storage: Users can store TRX on VNDC wallet
  • Send/receive: Users can send or receive TRX on-chain/off-chain via VNDC wallet
  • Staking Daily: Users can receive daily compound interest on 23:59 from storing TRX on VNDC wallet with an interest rate of 3%/year
  • Buy/sell: Users can buy or sell TRX by Exchange feature on VNDC wallet
  • P2P (Peer-to-Peer) transactions: Users can transact with other users with the bid and ask price given by the order creator
  • Guaranteed transactions: Users can transact with trusted partners at self-negotiated rates between 2 parties via VNDC wallet

Register a VNDC Wallet account to store, send/receive, buy/sell, handle P2P transactions, guaranteed transactions and get annual Staking Daily:

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Hoang Thao Marketing Executive of VNDC, enjoy reading, writing and sharing.
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