Trading with x125 leverage on Nami Futures

Trading with x125 leverage on Nami Futures

Nami Futures, the futures platform from Nami Corp has just officially listed a series cryptocurrencies paired with VNDC, with the leverage up to x125.

10 pairs based on VNDC have been supported on Nami Futures (BTC/VNDC, ETH/VNDC, BNB/VNDC, EOS/VNDC, ETC/VNDC, XRP/VNDC, KNC/VNDC, BCH/VNDC, LTC/VNDC, TRX/VNDC) with leverage up to x125. With this leverage, investors can trade up to 125 times the amount of capital that customers have. The listing of futures trading paired with VNDC provides a wide range of options for investors, as well as helps to balance their capital when conducting cryptocurrency tokenization.

Listing of cryptocurrencies paired with VNDC is supported on Nami Futures

Users can trade futures contracts with VNDC on the Nami Exchange or use its features directly on VNDC Wallet, in which there is no fee for depositing/withdrawing money from VNDC to Nami.

Nami Futures interface on VNDC Wallet

About Nami Futures

Launched at the end of 2019, Nami Futures is the perpetual futures trading platform of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, allowing customers to trade with multiple leverage levels for each currency. The maximum level allowed by Nami Futures is x125. Nami Futures uses liquidity sources from BitMEX and Binance. Nami Futures has two platforms for trading: Web and App, both of which are optimized for beginners on leveraged trading in the crypto market.

Start using Nami Futures today by downloading the application from the following link:

• For iPhone users: Apple Store

• For Android users: Google Play Store

AMA live streaming event

This event aims to help customers understand more about futures trading as well as the benefits of futures trading in the cryptocurrencies market and in financial trading in general. This will mention when users should use futures trading, which leverage level is appropriate. All of these will be explained in the AMA livestream at 20:00 on September 1, 2020.


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