Successfully integrated the transfer of KAI Token orders to Kucoin

Successfully integrated the transfer of KAI Token orders to Kucoin

Dear Customers,

From March 8, 2021, for KAI assets (KardiaChain), in addition to NAMI Exchange, VNDC has integrated the transfer of orders to Kucoin (KAI/USDT). Specifically, the order to buy/sell KAI Token on VNDC Wallet will be matched with the best price (market price) from both Kucoin and Nami exchanges, thereby giving users the most preferential conversion price.

About KAI Token

The KardiaChain Token (KAI) is the official and unique cryptocurrency in the KardiaChain ecosystem, used as a medium of exchange in the ecosystem and is non-refundable.

KAI token of KardiaChain was successfully launched on VNDC Wallet via DIPO on 16/12/2020. Soon after, KAI received great attention from investors and became one of the top options for storing and investing on VNDC Wallet. Since its launch, KAI’s value has grown steadily and has tripled since its DIPO.

With an impressive history of great development potential, investors can hope for a positive future when owning this coin.

Also, when storing KAI Token on VNDC Wallet, users will be able to participate in the Staking Daily program with an interest rate of 9%/year.

See more about Kardia Chain here.

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