Open VNDC Farming from January 26, 2021

Open VNDC Farming from January 26, 2021

After preparing carefully, at 20:00 today (January 26, 2021), VNDC will officially introduce the VNDC Farming feature to the community. This is the most anticipated feature in recent time, deployed by VNDC to reward users with a higher rate than Staking Daily through the Pool in Farming.

About VNDC Farming

VNDC Farming is a feature that allows users to stake assets to the Pool in order to receive reward by another asset at the rate specified in each pool. When staking in the pool, the asset will be locked during farming in the pool, instead the user will receive back the reward at a rate higher than the staking daily interest. Interest rate depends on each pool and the partners building pools, up to 100% per month. Users are allowed to withdraw immediately after receiving reward and get again staked assets when farming time ends.

As soon as the feature launches, VNDC will open Pools: WHC Pool (stake WHC, receive VNDC); VIDB Pool (stake VIDB, receive VNDC); USDT Pool (stake USDT, receive VNDC). In the next time, VNDC will open many farming pools with other assets when cooperating with domestic and international partners.

Advantages of VNDC Farming

Basically, VNDC Farming is similar to the VNDC Staking Daily feature, you contribute an amount of assets to create liquidity and will receive a number of other assets farmed. However, because the assets in the Pool are locked during the farming time, the VNDC Farming feature has some outstanding advantages compared to VNDC Staking Daily and other DeFi platforms:

  • Higher Reward Rate: The reward rate in the Farming Pool is higher than the interest rate from Staking Daily.
  • Without Fee: Compared to DeFi platforms in the world, which require very high gas fees when farming, VNDC allows users to use the feature completely free.
  • Multi-asset Receiving: Instead of just receiving VNDC, users have many options to receive interest with other assets, especially potential projects.

At 20:00 on January 26, VNDC will officially open the first Farming Pools for users. The VNDC team will give users announcement and instruction to use the feature with each specific pool when the feature is activated.

Hoang Thao Marketing Executive of VNDC, enjoy reading, writing and sharing.