Open Go24 Token (GO24) Farming Pool

Open Go24 Token (GO24) Farming Pool

To expand the opportunity to increase profits for Go24 Token (GO24) investors, starting from 10:00 Am, August 20th, VNDC officially launched Farming Pool for GO24, with an exciting daily reward.

Pool Farming GO24 – VIDB 30 days

Every day a total reward of 100 VIDB will be distributed to all Pool members. This reward is divided equally according to the ratio of GO24 users staked into the Pool at 0:00 daily. Dividends are paid out daily and instantly withdrawable.

To participate, users need to deposit at least 10 GO24 into this pool. These tokens will be locked temporarily for 30 days and unlocked at the end of the pool. However, users are allowed to unstake (withdraw) anytime with a fee of 1.5%. This Farming Pool will stop receiving stakes when it reaches its maximum capacity (1,000,000 GO24).

About Go24 and GO24 Token

GO24 ATS JSC – GO24 Application Technology Services Joint Stock Company was established to build technology solutions in many fields, especially e-commerce. GO24 token (GO24) is a utility token used in the entire ecosystem of GO24 ATS JSC, with the following purposes:

  • Allows GO24 holders to receive profits from the GO24 product ecosystem.
  • Used in GO24 ecosystem’s products: E-commerce floor “VNDC Supermarket”, Platform App GO24, GO24 Post Office Franchise .
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