Open Farming Pool for FAM Token, Earn up to 30% APY

Open Farming Pool for FAM Token, Earn up to 30% APY

To expand the opportunity to increase assets for users holding FAM Token (FAM), at 20:00 UTC+7, September 12, 2021, VNDC officially launched Farming Pool for FAM, with a bonus rate of up to 30%/year.

Farming Pool FAM – FAM 90 days

Pool Farming FAM – FAM 90 days has a reward ratio of 100000:83 (users get 83 FAM for every 100,000 FAM deposited) and a 30% annual return. Users get paid every day and can withdraw immediately.

To participate, users need to deposit at least 10 FAM into the pool. These tokens will be temporarily locked for 90 days and will be unlocked after the end of the pool. Users are allowed to unstake before maturity for a fee of 1.5%. This Pool Farming will stop receiving stakes when it reaches its maximum capacity (500,000 FAM).

About FAM Central and token FAM

FAM Central is a community-building platform that connects audiences with the world of cinema and the entertainment industry to create quality, meaningful, and popular works jointly. Through FAM Central, fans can interact, receive valuable rewards and have the opportunity to become investors through the application of Blockchain technology and new financial models with NFTs and DeFi. FAM Token is a utility token built for use within the FAM Central ecosystem.

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