ONUS Brand Positioning

ONUS Brand Positioning

According to the business strategy, besides the vigorously executed restructuring plan of the entire company, changing the positioning, identity, and slogan of ONUS is necessary to meet the company’s strategy and worldwide users.

Today, October 25, 2021, VNDC Wallet – a digital asset investing application, revealed our new ONUS brand positioning. This is the first time VNDC Wallet has rebranded since its establishment on March 23, 2020.

Our story, 

Looking forward, we envision a future of equality of financial opportunity. We believe in a world where the tools to get rich are no longer bound to a single group or a few countries but are accessible to everyone, even the most underprivileged, in far-flung corners. Because only then will everyone be able to create a more prosperous and happy life for themselves and have a more equal and brighter future.

ONUS’s mission is to fight the inequality in access to the financial tools, bringing the investment power of new technology within reach of everyone, by:

  • Create secure and user-friendly digital financial investment tools that are accessible to anyone.
  • Eliminate investment barriers, monetary boundaries, unnecessary complexity of investment knowledge, or minimal capital.

ONUS logo: the spirit of “Trust – Smart – Friendly”

The ONUS brand logo consists of the name and the symbol part combined into a unified shape.

The name ONUS has two layers of meaning:

  • Combining two words, “on us” signifies putting responsibility and everyone’s rights and expectations on our shoulders.
  • ONUS ​stands for “Open Nation for Universal Success.” Opening up equal opportunities in investment tools for everybody Investing is not just a tool for the rich anymore, but everyone has the opportunity to participate.

The ONUS brand logo part is a simple, modern icon with many meanings. At the most basic level, the symbol brings to mind a constantly moving currency, starting small and growing over time, providing investors with long-term value. Besides, the logo also metaphorically shows the image of ONUS as a bridge between investors and the digital market, especially those who are unfamiliar with financing.

Mission: “To jointly invest in digital assets”

The slogan emphasizes the industry-specific aspect (digital asset investment). It is dedicated to always accompanying, supporting, and protecting the safety and transparency of all transactions and making accessing the digital market easier for everyone. Now, with the assistance of ONUS, anyone can start investing in digital assets simply and safely.

Announcement of the official webpage

The positioning will begin with a website redesign. ONUS will use the official website goonus.io to replace the old website vndc.io. All ONUS and ONUS app content will be archived, published, and updated on the new one (https://goonus.io). The old one (vndc.io) will continue to run alongside goonus.io to provide updates about the VNDC Stablecoin project.

The new rebranding will be an essential stage toward the goal of 10 million users in 2023, with a cross-cutting vision to create secure and user-friendly digital financial investment tools that anyone can access. With a staff full of dedication, innovation, and talent, we are optimistic that we will make massive improvements to pursue the chosen mission.

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