Official VNDC’s Twitter

Official VNDC’s Twitter

The growing number of newly registered users is intense day by day, not only from Vietnam, but the system also recognizes users from countries such as Japan, Singapore, China, Philippines…, the influence of VNDC on the crypto market is thriving significantly.

However, the rapid growth will be accompanied by many problems, especially fraudulent activities, spreading fake news through taking advantage of VNDC and team members’ image. Users’ access to VNDC’s official communication channels will reduce the risk of scams. In addition, users will also monitor and respond to violations to resolve quickly and promptly, ensuring asset safety for users. VNDC team believes that the more cohesion we create between our community, the more risks we can reduce, creating a healthy and united crypto environment.

Besides the official VNDC Group/Fanpage on Facebook. The VNDC team announced the official Twitter at:

You can access the link, click follow to join our community on Twitter with VNDC users from around the globe. Thus, existing users will have more references, which is also a channel for VNDC to interact with foreign users.

We continuously recommend, to avoid unnecessary loss, everyone should note that VNDC Team:

  • Never PM you first
  • Does not require providing OTP code or transferring money according to the requested content.

For any issues, please create a ticket on the VNDC app or contact our page:

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