Notice: System Upgrade Maintenance from 21:00 UTC+7 09/19

Notice: System Upgrade Maintenance from 21:00 UTC+7 09/19

Dear all customers, 

In the last few days, due to a connection problem from our partner – Digital Ocean, disrupting the customer experience, our technical team has quickly put to use a new infrastructure provider to solve the problem once and for all. To complete the final steps and upgrade to the new system, VNDC is pleased to announce:

From 21:00 UTC+7 September 19, VNDC will maintain the entire VNDC Wallet application. During the upgrade process, users are temporarily unable to log in and use all features on the application.

Time window: Expected from 21:00 UTC+7 September 19 to 06:00 UTC+7 September 20. We will notify all users when the upgrade process is complete.

Sphere of influence:

  • All features on the VNDC Wallet application will be paused during the upgrade process.
  • Transactions of depositing and withdrawing digital assets into VNDC’s system will not be possible until the system goes into regular operation.
  • All asset data and transaction history on the app will be kept safe during the upgrade.
  • With Credit Line loans, your collateral will not be liquidated during the upgrade period if the asset’s price falls below the liquidation threshold.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We hope you understand that such maintenances are necessary to help VNDC Wallet continue to provide optimal performance and the best service for you.


VNDC team.

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