Notice: System Upgrade is Completed

Notice: System Upgrade is Completed

Dear all customers,

As we said, in the last few days, due to a connection problem from our partner – Digital Ocean, disrupting the customer experience, our technical team had quickly put to use a new infrastructure provider to solve the problem once and for all. To complete the final steps and upgrade to the new system, VNDC has maintained the entire VNDC Wallet application.

After the new server is ready and ensuring everything can operate stably, VNDC’s pleased to announces that: Our system has been fully upgraded, reopening the entire services starting at 06:00 UTC+7 September 20.

All features on VNDC Wallet application will return to the usual operation.

Once again, thank you for your trust, understanding, and companionship with VNDC. We commit to consistently make efforts to bring the best products to customers.

Best regards,

VNDC team.

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