Nami Crypto (NAC) is officially listed on VNDC Wallet

Nami Crypto (NAC) is officially listed on VNDC Wallet

After a period of testing NAC with the P2P transaction feature, VNDC officially listed Nami Crypto (NAC) on VNDC Wallet from October 27, 2020. Now, VNDC users and partners can store, redeem, exchange P2P, deposit/withdraw NAC quickly, and receive Annual Staking interest up to 6%.

About NAC token

Nami Crypto (NAC) is a cryptocurrency issued by Nami Corporation under the ERC-20 standard with a total circulating supply of 172,096,937 NAC and over 1700 storage locations. Currently, Nami Crypto (NAC) is the most traded on the Nami Exchange and performed as the transaction fee in most Nami products, such as Nami Futures, Nami Trade, and Nami Exchange. The price of NAC is varying from 350 VNDC to 1,000 VNDC.

Holding NAC token on VNDC Wallet

Through the VNDC Wallet application, users can monitor daily NAC price fluctuation from market information and candlestick charts. At the same time, users can exchange NAC to other cryptocurrencies with the most favorable price optimized by VNDC and Nami Exchange. After 3 years of research and development, the Nami Ecosystem is expected to thrive in the coming time, therefore, the holding of NAC will also have great potential for investors.

In addition, users can also send and receive On-chain (send via blockchain) and send Off-chain within the VNDC community (completely free).

Receive 6% interest from just 100 NAC

Recently, Nami has started to pay dividends (30% revenue from transaction fees of Nami Exchange and Nami Futures) to investors who own NAC tokens on Nami.Exchange. To join this program, investors need to own at least 500,000 NAC, which is a significant amount for retail investors. However, with users who hold NAC on VNDC Wallet, only 100 NAC is required. Users will receive daily interest from Nami’s dividend payment, equivalent to 0.016% per day (or 6% each year).

Register an account and install the VNDC Wallet Pro application today for NAC transactions:

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