Listing Moonka Token (MKA) on VNDC Wallet

Listing Moonka Token (MKA) on VNDC Wallet

From September 21, VNDC officially supports Moonka Token (MKA) on VNDC Wallet. Right now, users can perform the following features with MKA:

  • On-chain transactions: Send and receive MKA with other users on the different systems (KRC-20).
  • P2P trading: Buy and sell MKA at a price offered by other users, or create your order.

About Moonka

Moonka is the first blockchain-based real estate buying platform in Vietnam. With a protocol to convert properties into digital assets, Moonka brings venture opportunities in the potential Vietnamese real estate market with just a few clicks for investors worldwide.

Moonka’s features:

  • Capability products: Moonka’s products are real property selected by a network of members with local market knowledge and policy-making experts.
  • Experienced brokerage: Moonka brings together a community of international digital asset investors with potential and passion for real estate investment in Vietnam.
  • Secure payment: Moonka only encrypts real estate that meets the legal criteria set according to the Law of Vietnam and the appraisal unit.
  • Pioneering technology: With Smart Contract from KardiaChain’s Blockchain platform, investors can easily invest with a small amount of capital from 1/1000 part of real estate value and transparently share profits.


What is MKA token?

MKA is a utility token of Moonka platform and can be used to sign up and use services in the Moonka ecosystem. Only members can join in mutual real estate investments that have been reviewed by professional teams. Investors can also stake MKA to receive bonuses from Moonka’s Blockchain.


  • Name: Moonka Token
  • Symbol: MKA
  • Platform: KardiaChain
  • Standard: KRC-20
  • Smart Contract Address: 0xbFb1398F4755E861620d25A1Df6Bb8ff25252377
  • Type: Utility Token
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