Listing and Token sale Launchpad HanaGold Token (HNG)

Listing and Token sale Launchpad HanaGold Token (HNG)

From 15:00 GMT+7 September 18, VNDC Wallet officially adds HanaGold Token (HNG). Users can now store, send/receive, and trade HNG on VNDC Wallet right after it is opened for sale through VNDC Launchpad. 

HanaGold (HNG) Token sale Launchpad

At 20:00 GTM+7 September 20, we will start selling 1,000,000 HNG through the VNDC Launchpad feature on VNDC Wallet.

All VIP 2 users and above can join in and own HNG with the initial issue price of 1 HNG = 0.15 VIDB. HNG launchpad will end as soon as the entire amount of HNG is distributed.

After the HNG distribution, VNDC Wallet will open more features to help users trade and own this token.

About HanaGold

Established in 2020, HanaGold Jewelry Joint Stock Company is an innovative startup in gold, silver, and gems. The company applies 4.0 technology in the jewelry business with a pioneering project called HanaGold.

HanaGold – Jewelry Shop 4.0 is a project developed by HanaGold Jewelry Joint Stock Company that allows users to buy accumulated gold from only $5 and have the opportunity to earn up to 8%/year on the staked gold. HanaGold brings more freedom in gold trading, shortening complex processes when dealing at traditional gold stores. Not only that, HanaGold creates the connecting power for jewelry chains in expanding nationwide, making transactions more convenient and faster.


What is HNG token?

HanaGold Token (HNG) is a token issued by HanaGold Jewelry Joint Stock Company. When owning HNG, investors have many benefits from HanaGold’s products and services, including priority care, special policies for VIP members, discount on jewelry processing, commission on product distribution, preferential prices to open franchise showrooms…

HNG’s mission is to become a bridge for domestic and international investors to have the opportunity to invest in the jewelry industry in Vietnam to overcome the difficulties of traditional business with 4.0 technology.

HNG Token Issuer:

– Company name: HanaGold Jewelry JSC
– Tax code: 0316531254
– Website:

Find out more at HNG’s Whitepaper.


  • Name: HNG Token
  • Symbol: HNG
  • Platform: KardiaChain
  • Standard: KRC-20
  • Smart Contract Address: 0x148De93957ED77f8D5546323b1EdA0Bf06eB52f3
  • Type: Utility Token
  • Total supply: 30,000,000 HNG
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