Introduction: Diamond-level partner and first trading office in Vietnam

Introduction: Diamond-level partner and first trading office in Vietnam

After the experimental operation, VNDC officially introduced a business partner aka the first trading office of VNDC in Vietnam, Kim Tin Phat Service Co., Ltd. Kim Tin Phat will directly participate in  the development and support for VNDC users in Can Tho and customers in need from neighboring provinces.

Apart from online transactions on VNDC Wallet app, users can directly perform a transaction in Kim Tin Phat Trading office, which is completely guaranteed by VNDC.

Contact details:

  • Kim Tin Phat Service Company Limited.
  • Business registration certificate No. 1801663353, issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Can Tho city on 18/02/2020.
  • Address: 81 Nguyen Hien, 91B residential area, An Khanh ward, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city.
  • Legal representative: Bui Thi Lan Anh

Benefits for customers

With a view to expanding the network of business partners and trading offices across the country and globe as well, VNDC will gradually build trust with customers.

Currently, users can go directly to Kim Tin Phat’s trading office to get support in opening accounts, buying/selling VNDC, how to use VNDC Wallet Pro, as well as other VNDC services.

In addition to transaction offices, VNDC will pay attention to expand more  where users can buy/sell, deposit, or rent gold jewelry. Moreover , users who own CHI (gold token) can convert directly into real gold at these stores. 1 CHI is equivalent to one-tenth of a tael,  based on the exchange rate between SJC gold price and the price on VNDC Wallet.

Currently, VNDC’s features are very popularly applied in the cryptocurrency field and blockchain technology, however, not all users could find a reliable source of information on the internet. Therefore, our trading offices are very pleased to assist and meet the demands of users as well as other partners.


With the motto that each business partner is an ambassador of VNDC, who spreads beliefs, core values, as well as useful information from VNDC to each user quickly and accurately, the expansion of trading offices of diamond-level partners such as Kim Tin Phat is a great advance. In the future, VNDC hopes to have more trading offices from diamond-level partners and  across 63 provinces and regions  around Vietnam. Each VNDC region will have a trading office of Diamond Partner and 4.0 Gold Store.

Introduction video about Kim Tin Phat trading office

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