Introducing VIDB Shares: Maximizing profits for VIDB Investors

Introducing VIDB Shares: Maximizing profits for VIDB Investors

With an attempt to to expand the program and optimize benefits for investors, VNDC officially changed the minimum limit for participating in VIDB Shares to 1,000 VIDB.

To optimize profits for VIDB holders and share revenue from VNDC Wallet platform, from July 19, 2021, VNDC officially launches VIDB Shares feature on VNDC Wallet. Specifically, when joining VIDB Shares, users will be provided with more convenient service and higher profitability potential with APY up to 30% per year. Include:

  1. Get Staking rewards up to 18%, paid every day (Receive 4 VNDC for each VIDB).
  2. Profit-sharing from transaction fees: 50% of P2P transaction fees will be contributed to all users participating in VIDB Shares.
  3. Airdrop Privilege: Airdrop bonus programs will be prioritized for users taking part in VIDB Shares.
  4. Plus, users staking in VIDB Shares also have other rights, including taking part in making decisions on the development of the VNDC Wallet platform, an advantage when participating in projects on VNDC Launchpad, and many benefits that will be extended in the future.

Conditions of participation

To become a member of VIDB Shares, users need to stake and maintain a minimum of 1,000 VIDB in the feature. Note: Once you have staked VIDB, into the pool, users need to wait at least 03 days from the last deposit if they want to unstake VIDB from VIDB Shares.

Attention: VIDB Staking Daily will be stopped

As soon as VIDB Shares feature is launched at 10:00 am on July 19, 2021, VNDC will temporarily stop paying VIDB Staking interest. To receive VIDB rewards, users need to maintain VIDB into VIDB Shares.

How to use VIDB Shares

Step 1: Open VNDC Wallet Pro. In “Features”, choose “VIDB Shares”. 

Step 2: Press “Ok” when the introduction pops up.



Step 3: Press “STAKE”. Input the amount of VIDB you would like to stake with a minimum of 1000 VIDB for the first time.

Step 4: Successful Stake VIDB. Now you can track the specification of the pool every day.

How to withdraw VIDB 

Step 1: At VIDB Shares main screen, choose “UNSTAKE”

Step 2: Input the amount of VIDB you would like to withdraw and press “UNSTAKE”

Note: Users are allowed to withdraw VIDB with two milestones as follows:

  • Maintain a minimum remaining balance of 1,000 VIDB (to continue enjoying VIDB Shares privileges), or
  • Withdraw all VIDB from the pool (no longer receive VIDB Shares privilege).
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