How to buy BTC safely with the best price?

How to buy BTC safely with the best price?

In the end of year 2020, the price of Bitcoin continued to rise sharply, reaching an all-time high of $ 20,000 (November 30). So how to buy BTC safely with the best price?

Where to buy Bitcoin (BTC)?

Currently, Bitcoin (BTC) remains the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. To buy Bitcoin, there are usually 2 ways:

  • Buy through an Exchange.
  • Buying through the “black market” (intermediaries).

However, both 2 ways have considerable risks and obstacles.

Buying Bitcoin through an exchange is a safe, low-risk way. However, most exchanges require investors to buy intermediary currency to trade. Thus,the participant has to pay 2 times the fee. At the same time, there are obstacles in payment methods, complicated process, order approval time,…

By buying through the “black market” (an individual who owns Bitcoin and wants to sell), users may be scammed by fake accounts. The price of Bitcoin sold by these individuals is also very high. Investors should pay attention when buying Bitcoin in this way.

To help investors easily buy Bitcoin at the best price, VNDC develops VNDC Wallet Pro application. Users after downloading the application can buy Bitcoin and more than 40 other digital assets with just a single operation at the “Redeem” feature. Bitcoin price listed on VNDC Wallet is currently the best price on the market in Vietnam. Users can buy Bitcoins by converting them directly from VNDC (1: 1 equivalent value with VND), and also updating daily and hourly price movements in Market and Candlestick charts.

Instruction to buy Bitcoin safely with the best price

To buy Bitcoin through the VNDC Wallet Pro app at the best price, users follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install VNDC Wallet Pro application (on  Apple Store or Google Play Store).

Step 2: Register and KYC.

Step 3: “Buy VNDC” to transact

Step 4: Buy Bitcoin (BTC) at the feature “Exchange”.

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Install VNDC Wallet Pro app and register to buy BTC now:

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