FAQ about P2P Trading

FAQ about P2P Trading

1. What is P2P Trading?

  • P2P (peer-to-peer) trading, also known as C2C (between customers and customers) trading allows users to directly trade with their partners and other users with the Buy/Sell prices set by the order creator.
  • The P2P platform will serve as a facilitator by providing a platform for buyers and sellers to place their offers.

2. How to buy cryptocurrencies on VNDC P2P?

In order to buy cryptocurrencies on P2P, you have to complete Advanced KYC, which means your account needs to be successfully verified and you have completed a deposit order, and have enough amount of VNDC to buy other cryptocurrencies. All steps are as follows:

  1. Install the VNDC Wallet Pro App
  2. Register and complete KYC
  3. Advanced KYC: complete a deposit order
  4. For detailed instructions, please visit here

3. How to sell cryptocurrencies?

In order to sell cryptocurrencies on P2P, you have to complete Advanced KYC and have enough assets you want to trade. All steps are as follows:

  1. Install the VNDC Wallet Pro App
  2. Register and complete KYC
  3. Advanced KYC: complete a deposit order
  4. For detailed instructions, please visit here

4. Are buy/sell orders on P2P Trading provided by VNDC?

All buy/sell offers on VNDC Wallet (P2P Trading) App are not created by VNDC. VNDC only acts as a facilitator while offers are created by individual users.

5. How am I protected as a P2P user?

VNDC Holding Pte. Ltd guarantees 100% protection and reimbursement for all transactions via VNDC P2P Trading should there be any mistakes or lost assets. When an order is created, the Seller’s cryptocurrency or the Buyer’s VNDC is temporarily locked by VNDC until the order is closed. In other words, the ORDER creator cannot deceive you because VNDC does not use fiat money and allow trades based on only “trust” in the P2P Trading system.

With VNDC P2P Trading, you can freely trade P2P without worries about scams.

6. Can I start trading without KYC, what do I have to do before trading P2P?

You can only start P2P trading after you have completed account verification (KYC).

7. Is P2P available on web or app?

Users can now buy and sell BTC, USDT, ETH, USDC, USDS, CHI and TOMO (officially listed on July 27, 2020) through the VNDC P2P Trading VNDC Wallet Pro App on the phone. On the p2p.vndc.io website, only transactions by VNDC users are displayed.

8. How much is the transaction fee on VNDC P2P Trading?

Transaction fee on VNDC P2P Trading is currently 0 VNDC.

9. Which currencies can I trade on VNDC P2P Trading?

Currently we support trading BTC, USDT, ETH, USDC, USDS, CHI and TOMO.

10. What is the minimum quantity per transaction?

Users can sell a minimum of (or equivalent to) 200,000 VNDC.

11. How can I post a purchase/distribution transaction?

Currently, as long as you complete the Advanced KYC, you can start transactions.

12. Can I trade with users from other countries?

Yes, you can trade with anyone who owns VNDC Wallet and VNDC.

13. Are there any limits on the advertising pricing?

Currently, the maximum amount is equivalent to 100,000 USDT or 10 BTC, which is large enough for most traders.

14. Sometimes I placed a buy/sell order but did not receive any notice of order matching. Why?

The reason varies. You may need to set a more affordable and appropriate price, or choose the type of asset of greater demand.

15. What is Total Amount?

Total Amount is the amount of crypto assets in a buy/sell transaction.

16. What is Remaining?

Remaining is the total assets remained in a Buy/Sell transaction after order matching. When Remaining is 0, the order will be closed automatically.

17. What are the limits during transactions?

There are 2 limits when you edit a buy/sell order:

  • The limit on the amount of cryptocurrencies in transactions
  • The minimum/maximum amount of VNDC.

This depends on your amount of assets and the maximum amount that VNDC announces.

18. How to close ads?

Go to your Order -> Click on the order you want to close -> Press the Close button -> Enter OTP and the transaction will be closed.

19. How will I be notified of new orders?

You will be notified on the phone for successful order matching and when your order is closed.

20. I want to report a fraud and request a compensation. Who should I contact?

Please email [email protected]. We are committed to 100% compensation when you trade via VNDC P2P Trading and encounter any frauds.

21. How can I pay in cash?

On VNDC, all transactions are in VNDC. You need to buy VNDC before making a transaction.

22. How can I cancel an order?

As s creator, you can cancel your order at any time just like when you close one.

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