Earn up to 18% APY with USDT Farming Pool on VNDC Wallet

Earn up to 18% APY with USDT Farming Pool on VNDC Wallet

Farming is a helpful feature on VNDC Wallet, allowing customers to take advantage of storing digital assets on the wallet to farm (earn) a new token for free. At Farming, customers deposit assets (stake) they own to receive free rewards in proportion to each Pool.

To help customers optimize asset growth when storing USDT in the medium and long term, VNDC Wallet introduces the USDT Farming Pool, allowing users to deposit USDT and receive rewards with APY up to more than 18%/year.

USDT – VNDC 180 days Pool

USDT – VNDC 180 days Pool has a reward ratio of 1:12 (users receive 12 VNDC for every 1 USDT deposited), 18.88% annual profit rate. Users get paid every day and can withdraw instantly.

To join in, users need to deposit at least 100 USDT into this Farming pool. This amount of assets is temporarily locked for 180 days and will be unlocked after the end of the Pool. But you can always unstake (withdraw) before maturity for a fee of 1.5%. This Farming Pool will stop receiving stakes once it reaches the maximum capacity (5,000,000 USDT).

See instructions for using the Farming feature at How to use Farming Feature

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