Discount 10% when buying KAI Token through DIPO feature on VNDC Wallet

Discount 10% when buying KAI Token through DIPO feature on VNDC Wallet

Recently, VNDC and KardiaChain have cooperated to develop financial and investment products for users. One of them is the distribution of KAI Token for the first time on VNDC Wallet via the DIPO feature, allowing the community to invest in valuable digital assets and make profit.

Specifically, starting from 0:00 on 16/12/2020, VNDC will open for sale KardiaChain Token (KAI) at the DIPO feature. 20,000,000 KAI will be distributed to users at a discount 10% more than the price of KAI assets at other exchanges (Kucoin exchange).

At the moment, the price of KAI Token on the Kucoin exchange is 0.0183 USD (closing price at the beginning of the week), equivalent to 427 VNDC and the price of KAI distributed on VNDC DIPO is 1 KAI = 385 VNDC (the price has discounted) . The program will end when the entire amount of KAI is distributed to the users.

After finishing the distribution of KAI on VNDC DIPO, VNDC will continue to open other features for VNDC users and partners:

  • VNDC Exchange with KAI/VNDC pair
  • VNDC Credit Line (Loan application with a limit of up to 50% of KAI assets)
  • VNDC P2P Trading (Peer to peer transaction with KAI assets)
  • VNDC Staking (paying 9% interest per year for users who own KAI on VNDC)

Note: In 14 days from 16/12/2020, to ensure that the exchange rate of KAI is not affected, VNDC Wallet will temporarily disable the On-chain sending feature from the VNDC system. The feature will be available after Kardia Chain launches on mainnet on December 29, 2020.

Vip Level Purchase Maximum

In this term, VNDC offers the maximum limit when buying KAI Token for each account level at DIPO feature, as follows:

VIP 0 1,000 KAI
VIP 1 1,000 KAI
VIP 2 10,000 KAI
VIP 3 50,000 KAI
VIP 4 50,000 KAI
VIP 5 50,000 KAI
VIP 6 100,000 KAI
VIP 7 200,000 KAI
VIP 8 500,000 KAI
VIP 9 1,000,000 KAI

The purpose of the project

With the project of distributing 20,000,000 KAI on DIPO feature, all VNDC users and partners can participate in the investment to make profit when the asset rises in value. In addition, customers can also use KAI tokens they hold as a means of exchange and payment when using products in the KardiaChain ecosystem (e.g: KardiaChain Membership App, KAI Hunger Game, KardiaChain starter,…).

Instructions for buying KAI on DIPO

Step 1: At the main interface of the application, select the DIPO feature located at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Select a KardiaChain project (or click on “More details” of the project)

Step 3: Enter the purchase amount (press Max to buy the maximum amount allowed). At this time, the screen will display the amount to be paid, confirm by pressing the button “BUY”

Step 4: Check information and confirm transaction

Step 5: After the transaction is done successfully, a message will appear on the screen, click to “View transaction details”

About DIPO 

DIPO is a feature developed by VNDC to support new projects debut in the market. Through this feature, projects are spread to the community quickly, at the same time, VNDC users also have a safe environment to become a part of outstanding and potential projects.

Specifically, the digital assets that are first introduced to the public will be available on VNDC DIPO at a preferential price before being officially listed on the exchanges. This provides an opportunity for investors to easily access potential projects and to own them at a cheaper price than the market. At the same time, project issuers can increase capital to develop products for the community.

About KardiaChain 

KardiaChain is a public blockchain platform focused on interoperability and providing hybrid blockchain solutions for enterprises and governments in Vietnam and other countries in South & East Asia. The outstanding solution created by KardiaChain is that through Dual Node, blockchains with protocol differences can be linked together. This brings a convenience for businesses and governments in the process of managing and sharing information, helping to optimize the utility of each blockchain while ensuring transparency and security.

KAI token IEO and raised successfully $19.2 million by 4/2020. Currently, KAI is listed on 12 international exchanges, notably Kucoin and Bittrex with a market cap of $40 million and a total daily trading volume up to $2 million. Despite being on the market during a period of volatility, the KAI token’s value has grown 10 times since its listing.

KAI Token Issuer:

– Company name: KARDIACHAIN., JSC
– Tax code: 0108439709
– Website:

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Hoang Thao Marketing Executive of VNDC, enjoy reading, writing and sharing.