Case study: With 20 million VND in my VNDC Wallet, what is my monthly income?

Case study: With 20 million VND in my VNDC Wallet, what is my monthly income?

Suppose you have a small amount of idle money in your bank account – about 20 million. After learning about VNDC Wallet, you become curious. The question arises: “With 20 million VND in my VNDC Wallet, what is my monthly income? Are the profits higher than that from term deposits at banks?”

This article will help you answer the above question, as well as giving you updated information on all other attractive advantages of becoming a VNDC Business Partner after the 2.0 policy update. To get started, we shall first consider the most familiar form of asset storage – bank deposits.

With 20 million VND in a term deposit at a bank, what is my monthly income?

Why are we only considering the earnings of term deposits and not demand deposits? To clarify the differences between these two types of bank deposits, as well as pointing out why not opting for term deposits is simply unwise, let’s take a look at what the banks are offering:

  • As the name suggests, term deposits require you not to use the money you deposited for a certain period (term). You basically allow the bank to use your money for whatever purposes in exchange for interest. The longer the term, the higher the interest the bank can pay you.
  • In contrast, with demand deposits, you can withdraw your money to use at any time.

With 20 million VND in your bank deposit account, how much will you earn every month

Theoretically, each of these deposits have its own advantages and disadvantages. Yet, because of these 3 reasons, term deposits are ultimately the better choice of the two:

  • Interest rate: Demand deposit interest rates of banks are currently 0.1% / year. Meanwhile, term deposit interest rates range from 4-7.5% depending on the length of the term and the bank – the difference is staggering compared to demand deposits.
  • Term length: Currently banks are allowing very short terms for deposits: the shortest term duration being 1 week, with good interest rates (from 4% or more) applied to terms with a duration of 1 month or longer. This makes term deposits very accessible and unobtrusive in most cases.
  • Liquidity before maturity: In cases of emergency, you can still withdraw your money if you choose to accept an interest rate equal to that of demand deposits. To help you maintain your term deposit interest rates, some banks also allow you to take out an overdraft – immediately withdraw a certain amount of money (you also pay a certain amount of interest) with the term deposit as collateral.

Returning to the question: “With 20 million VND in a term deposit at a bank, how much will I earn monthly?”, we can approximately calculate an average figure (based on the available data) as follows:

  • Amount deposited: 20 million VND
  • Term duration: 1 year
  • Time of interest payment: at the end of term
  • Interest rates: 6.5%/year

Average monthly income: (20 million VND x 6.5%) / 12 months = 108,000 monthly

Although this amount is not exactly large, the value of this money lies in the fact that this is a passive income – you do not need to spend much of your effort. A similar example for this type of income is from the Staking Daily feature of VNDC Wallet, which we will discuss later in this article.

With 20 million VND in my VNDC Wallet, what is my monthly income?

With 20 million VND in your VNDC Wallet, you will have up to 7 different income streams that require different amounts of time and efforts. If all users can receive the 1st and 2nd types of earning mentioned below, you can choose to become a VNDC Business Partner to have access to the remaining income streams.

7 income streams for VNDC Business Partner V2.0

Let’s take a moment to analyze and calculate the specific numbers for each of these income sources:

1. Staking Daily:

When you use VNDC Wallet, your assets will be stored in the form of cryptocurrencies such as VNDC, CHI, BTC, ETH, USDT or USDS.  Even without considering the profits coming from the increase or decrease in the value of these currencies over time, you will be earning money daily from collecting Staking Daily interests – a passive income that comes at no extra effort.

Staking Daily‘s interest is highly competitive compared to banks, especially when you store your money in the form of VNDC (1 VNDC = 1 VND): 12.79% per year. This interest is two times the highest term deposit interest rate applicable to the local currency (VND) of most banks at the moment. Not only that, unlike term deposits at the bank, you can withdraw money at any time while maintaining a compound interest rate of 12.79% / year and receive interest daily at 23:59.

Meanwhile, if you store other assets like CHI (1 CHI = 3.75g Gold), BTC, ETH, USDS or USDT, the interest rate is maintained at around 3-6%, therefore your investments are going to be consistently profitable.

Monthly passive income from Staking Daily for a sum of 20 million VND in your VNDC Wallet can be calculated as follows:

(20 million VND x 12.79%) / 12 months = 213,000 monthly

2. Referral Rewards:

VNDC Wallet encourages users to introduce new customers to the platform with a minimum reward of 10,000 VNDC (equivalent to 10,000 VND) for each new referred user that have successfully verified their account (KYC). You can register to become a Business Partner of VNDC to increase this bonus to VNDC 25,000 for each successful referred user.

To make it even better, with the new 2-level referral reward policy introduced in the Business Partner Policy 2.0, when your referred users successfully refer other users themselves, you will also receive an additional 10,000 VNDC . This is a great opportunity to develop a passive income stream.

With a Silver Business Partner status, 80 successful referrals per month, approximately 100 level 2 referral bonuses from users you previously referred yourself, you will have a monthly income as follows:

25,000 x 80 (referred users) + 10,000 x 100 (level 2 referral bonuses) = 3,000,000 monthly

3. Staking Daily Commission for Business Partners:

With VNDC’s generous policy for Business Partners, you will receive Staking Daily commissions based on the total VNDC Wallet balance of the users you refer. These commissions vary depending on the assets that these users own, but can be up to 6%/year.

With 200 referred users and each having an average balance of 1,000,000 VNDC in their wallets, the commission you earn daily will equal to 0.016% of the total balance. Therefore you will earn a monthly income as follows:

200 (users) x 30 (day) x 0.016% (Staking Daily Commission rate, per day) x 1,000,000 = 960,000 monthly

4. VNDC Buy/Sell Commission for Business Partners:

As a Business Partner, you will have the opportunity to receive commission for every VNDC Buy/Sell transaction made by the user directly with the VNDC system via the VNDC Wallet app. This commission is equal 0.02% of the transaction value, with a minimum of 2,000 VNDC and maximum of 20,000 VNDC per transaction.

With 200 referred users, each performing an average of 20 transactions/month, earning a minimum commission of 2,000 VND / transaction, you will have the following monthly income:

200 (users) x 20 (transactions) x 2,000 = 8,000,000 monthly

5. VNDC Exchange Commission for Business Partners:

Another significant commission for VNDC Business Partners is the commission for users’ direct cryptocurrency exchange transactions with the VNDC system. The commission varies among different trading pairs (VNDC-USDT, VNDC-CHI, …) and can be up to 1.2% of the transaction value.

With the total average monthly trading volume of referred users being 50,000,000 (VNDC-CHI) + 100,000,000 (VNDC-BTC) + 100,000,000 (VNDC-USDT), you will have the following monthly income (estimated based on Silver Business Partner status) :

1% x 50,000,000 (VNDC-CHI) + 0.03% x 100,000,000 (VNDC-BTC) + 0.06% x 100,000,000 (VNDC-USDT) = 590,000 monthly

6. Credit Line Commission for Business Partners:

Another useful feature provided for users in the VNDC Wallet app is Credit Line, which allows them to take out loans with cryptocurrencies as collateral (BTC, ETH, USDT, USDS). As a Business Partner, you will have the opportunity to receive commissions from the Credit Line loan interest of the users you refer.

The Credit Line loan interest rate is currently 1.98% / month. With the average loan amount of your referred users being 100,000,000 VNDC, you will have the following monthly income (estimated based on Silver Business Partner status with a Credit Line commission of 30%):

30% x (1.98% x 100,000,000) = 594,000 monthly

7. Other monthly income and benefits:

Besides the aforementioned earnings, you also have other opportunities to generate additional income such as:

  • Research and invest in the most popular cryptocurrencies: CHI, BTC, ETH, USDT, USDS (for both ordinary users and Business Partners)
  • Become a cryptocurrency reseller: With the digital assets you own, you can start buying, selling and exchanging with users in the massive VNDC community to earn profits (Only for Business Partners)

Not only that, VNDC also offers many other benefits for Business Partners:

  • Attractive exchange rates when making cryptocurrency exchanges directly with the VNDC system
  • Lower interest rates when taking out a Credit Line loan

With these extremely attractive perks, Business Partners have many options to make use of their existing digital assets to make the most profit.

Final words

After analyzing and estimating using the data provided in the VNDC Business Partner Policy 2.0 and figures close to real life, we can now go back and answer the question that we asked at the beginning of this article:

“With 20 million VND in my VNDC Wallet, how much will I earn monthly?”

The monthly income based on all the calculations we have done is:



Most of this income is active income from fulfilling the responsibilities of a Business Partner of VNDC, including maintaining, expanding and supporting your referred user base.

When you compare the passive income from VNDC Staking Daily alone with the passive income from term deposits at banks, we have a significantly higher interest rate (12.79% / year compared to the average of 6.5% / year by the banks). With 20 million VND in VNDC Wallet, you have a passive income of 213,000 VND per month, compared to 108,000 VND per month of bank deposit.

In all cases, the revenue generated by maintaining the balance in VNDC Wallet is significant with only a small amount of capital. You can start using VNDC Wallet today by downloading the mobile application at the following link:

(Or search on mobile application stores using the keyword: “VNDC Wallet”)

You can also view more detailed instructions for the mobile VNDC Wallet app here:

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