Building a digital asset market with VNDC

Building a digital asset market with VNDC

Industrial Revolution 4.0 has brought about a series of innovations in all fields. As an increasing number of digital assets and blockchain apps are being launched, Vietnam will fall behind if we fail to emulate.

“Some social networks may not need blockchain, but in the online financial sector, we have to process trillions of transactions. That’s when we need blockchain.”, said billionaire Jack Ma.

Application of Blockchain technology on VNDC

VNDC is positioned as a Stablecoin for Vietnamese community around the world. VNDC is pegged to the Vietnamese fiat currency (1 VNDC = 1 VND, can be converted via the converting gateway) and backed by assets stored at major commercial banks in Vietnam. It is operated by Blockchain technology based on Ethereum standard ERC-20 and later Binance Chain standard BEP-2.

Currently, Vietnam has not either developed a cryptocurrencies community or allowed cryptocurrencies trading and issuance. Therefore, unlike VND, VNDC is just a type of node running on Blockchain. VNDC was born to bring Vietnamese users low-cost transactions, eliminating the need to convert VND into foreign currency and dependence on USDT.

VNDC applications

Users now can convert VNDC to VND directly on the platform and VNDC Wallet App through their bank accounts. The fee is currently 0, which means that users can easily convert VNDC to VND directly into their bank account quickly without any transaction fees.

In addition, VNDC also has the following applications:

  1. Issuing VNDC with collateral and via its network of Business Partners, trading post and VNDC transaction centers.
  2. Creating an investing environment for the VND trader community with a guaranteed ROI of 12%/year through the Staking Daily program – receive interest overnight.
  3. Credit Line – Loans with digital asset collateral.
  4. Easy exchange between USDT, USDS, CHI, BTC, ETH and VNDC with stable exchange rate.
  5. Crypto Escrow – Secured transactions via VNDC platform.
  6. Issuing E-voucher.

Benefits of using VNDC

One of our primary goals when building VNDC is to enable independence from third parties.

Besides, when using VNDC, users can also enjoy such practical benefits as:

  • Eliminate the fee to convert VND to foreign currencies or vice versa.
  • Have more control over all trading decisions.
  • Guarantee high liquidity 
  • Support users buying such digital assets as BTC, ETH, CHI, USDS, USDT, etc. by VND through VNDC.

With the same operation as USDT and USDS, VNDC first aims at stabilizing the exchange rate in such pairs as USDT/VNDC or USDS/VNDC, etc. like the pair USD/VND. The next goal is to provide useful tools for OTC investors.

How to own VNDC?

Users can own VNDC by placing a “Buy VNDC” order on the VNDC Wallet App. Besides, users can convert BTC, ETH, CHI, USDS or USDT to VNDC on the VNDC.IO converting gateway.

Vision and mission of VNDC

Over the past two years, an increasing number of international Blockchain projects and investment funds are looking for opportunities to enter this potential S-shaped land, which has brought VNDC many cooperation opportunities as well as innovative initiatives to fulfill market needs.

Our vision to establish a strong presence in the international crypto market, and thereby build a strong VNDC alliance to make Vietnam’s digital economy on an equal footing with other nations. With an experienced development team, VNDC can be expected to not only be on par with global top crypto projects but also the best in terms of value and technology. That being said, our most important value is to ​​connect Vietnamese users to the world and vice versa.

“With the core values ​​of “Building trust and serving the community” and the business philosophy “In TRUST we TRUST”, our goal is to reach the market cap of 1 quadrillion VNDC in the next three years. While this sounds impossible, with the strength of Vietnamese blockchain ecosystem, VNDC will be the first stablecoin to represent VND in the world cryptocurrency basket.”, said Mr. Vuong Le Vinh Nhan, CEO of VNDC.

As in the team statement, VNDC does not belong to anyone. The true owners of VNDC are Vietnamese community. And only Vietnamese people can understand themselves as well as share the aspiration to bring Vietnam on par with other countries via technology.

Matthew A dreamer, an adventure hunter whose life goal is to create big products that help life better. Now, I am building VNDC's products with a dream to become an open financial system for Vietnamese people in the world.