ATS Token (ATS) is officially listed on VNDC Wallet

ATS Token (ATS) is officially listed on VNDC Wallet

With the aim of constantly expanding investment products, increasing benefits for users, VNDC always strives to find and bring potential assets closer to the community. From 20:00 on March 13, 2021, VNDC officially added Attlas Token (ATS), a product of the Attlas Exchange project founded by Vietnamese experts to the list of digital assets on VNDC Wallet.

From now on, VNDC users can store as well as send/receive On-chain or Off-chain with ATS Token on VNDC Wallet. On March 23, VNDC and the Attlas Exchange platform will officially launch the first sale of Attlas Token (ATS) via VNDC Launchpad. Other features such as P2P Trading, VNDC Exchange, VNDC Credit Line, VNDC Farming, VNDC Staking,…will be updated by the VNDC and Attlas team in the coming time.

What is Attlas Token (ATS)?

Attlas Token (ATS) is built on the Ethereum Blockchain platform, with the intention of becoming an asset used in the entire Attlas Exchange ecosystem, including: transaction fees, Margin interest, account upgrades fees,.. and other financial products of Attlas platform.

In addition, ATS Token is also considered as a Crypto investment asset, allowing investors to own and to be shared benefits from the business of the Attlas platform. 

ATS Token Issuer:

– Company name: ATTLAS EXCHANGE CO., LTD
– Tax code: 0109615594
– Website:

About Attlas Exchange

Attlas Exchange is a Crypto exchange project founded by a team of Vietnamese experts, specially built for Vietnamese investors, minimizing barriers and risks in entering and accessing the crypto market by a convenient experience process, with the aim of all users can trade quickly, easily and securely.

Hoang Thao Marketing Executive of VNDC, enjoy reading, writing and sharing.