AQUAGOAT V2 Migration, Enable On-chain and P2P trading

AQUAGOAT V2 Migration, Enable On-chain and P2P trading

To optimize the efficiency and improve AQUAGOAT’s value, AquaGoat project has converted the smart contract from AQUAGOAT v1 to AQUAGOAT v2 with a fixed conversion rate of 1 AQUAGOAT v2 = 100 AQUAGOAT v1.

New smart contract address: 0x1606940bB5Cd6de59A7E25367F4fB8965f38F122

To be consistent with this transition, we have updated our product to help users have the best experience. The technical processing has been completed, and the migration has taken place successfully on VNDC Wallet.

Starting from 11:00 am GMT+7, September 22:

  • VNDC Wallet replaced the display information from AQUAGOAT1M to AQUAGOAT10K. Users’ balances will not be changed.
  • When making a withdrawal, for every 1 AQUAGOAT10K withdrawn, you will receive 10,000 AQUAGOAT. When you deposit AQUAGOAT to VNDC Wallet, the system will automatically convert to AQUAGOAT10K at the rate of 1 AQUAGOAT10K = 10,000 AQUAGOAT.
  • On-chain transactions and P2P trading for AQUAGOAT10K are back to usual.
  • VNDC Wallet only supports AQUAGOAT v2 because the AquaGoat project has stopped the migration from September 17, 2021. You won’t receive AQUAGOAT if you send in V1 version.

About AQUAGOAT deposit/withdrawal fees:

  • Deposit (Receiving On-chain): When users transfer AQUAGOAT to VNDC Wallet, the collateral fee is 20% of the deposit amount. 10% is paid as a blockchain fee according to the smart contract. The other is for the payment of the AQUAGOAT collection activity on VNDC Wallet.
  • Withdrawal (Sending On-chain): When users withdraw AQUAGOAT from VNDC Wallet, you don’t have to pay the 10% of the withdrawn amount as a blockchain fee because VNDC Wallet is on AQUAGOAT V2’s whitelist. You only have to pay the gas fee in the BEP-20 network.
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