Announcement: Transaction fees structure on VNDC Wallet App

Announcement: Transaction fees structure on VNDC Wallet App

Update on August 11, 2020: VNDC has made some changes in the fee of Online/Direct orders to sell VNDC, which can be found here

With the aim of ensuring sustainable development and setting up more useful and reliable investment channels for users, VNDC will officially charge for some transactions on VNDC Wallet App from 11:00 on August 6, 2020.

It has been more than one year since VNDC charged users no transaction fees of any kinds on VNDC Wallet App. From now on, VNDC has officially applied the transaction fees structure and started to collect fees for certain types of transactions. This fees structure has been carefully considered by the VNDC development team, which is very reasonable and does not affect investors’ profits. This will help with the cost for VNDC to upgrade the system as well as develop more investment products for customers and gradually bring VNDC closer to Vietnamese people around the world. 

Specifically, VNDC will charge the fees for three types of transactions as follows:

  • On-chain transactions (the fee, known as Gas, to perform a transaction on the blockchain network)
  • Online/Direct orders to sell VNDC to have VND transferred to your bank account (fees paid to payment gateways)
  • P2P Trading

Besides, VNDC also requires normal users and business partners/merchants to maintain a minimum account balance of 10,000 VNDC and 1,000,000 VNDC respectively. Users still receive interest from Staking Daily program on this minimum balance. For more details, please click on the page about VNDC transaction fees structure.

VNDC looks forward to receiving your support for VNDC’s future growth.


VNDC Development Team

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