Announcement: Partner Program 2.5

Announcement: Partner Program 2.5

VNDC always makes optimal efforts to bring the most reliable products and services to users. However, VNDC cannot do this by ourselves. Therefore, VNDC wishes to cooperate with business partners who are individuals and organizations that understand the operating principle, idea, and core values of VNDC, in order to participate in business development, and introduce VNDC to the Vietnamese community all around the world.

Through this document, VNDC wants to build a complete and most transparent business policy to create reliability with each business partner. VNDC is committed to bringing value, sharing business opportunities and benefits, and a long-term and sustainable companion with partners.

Based on business results, VNDC divides business partners into 04 different Levels. Each Level will come with different qualifications, requirements, and benefits (Section 3), including:

  • Level 1: Broker
  • Level 3: Regional Partner
  • Level 2: Partner
  • Level 4: Country Partner

From October 5th, 2020, for each business partner, VNDC will provide VNDC Commission Wallet. All commissions from VNDC will be paid to this wallet, including referral commission, Staking Daily commission, Credit Line commission, Exchange commission, deposit/withdrawal commission. The VNDC amount in the VNDC Commission Wallet will be automatically added to the partner’s VNDC Wallet at 00:00 on the 5th of every month, or when the commission amount reaches 2,000,000 VNDC.

Please see the details here.


VNDC Development Team

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