Announcement: Credit Line Update New Version

Announcement: Credit Line Update New Version

With the aim of upgrading and improving user experience when using the VNDC Wallet application, on December 1, 2020, VNDC updated Credit Line with outstanding benefits compared to the previous version:

Diversification of collateral: The updated version of Credit Line has added to the collateral list the following assets:


Create multiple loans with various types of collateral: This helps users to diversify loans, optimizing benefits when using the service.

Manage loans easily: VNDC Credit Line displays the history of each transaction, allowing users to track detailed mortgage loans.

Interest payment time options: To help users invest effectively, VNDC offers interest payment time options when making mortgage loans. Users can choose to pay interest by day, by week, or by month depending on their needs and personal purposes.

Low-interest rates: Instead of the 24%/year interest rate, VNDC users now only have to pay 12%/year for loans on Credit Line.

Collateral liquidation: VNDC allows users to use collateral to pay loans on Credit Line.

User-friendly interface: The updated version has optimized the interface screen, making it easy for users to access and use the feature, and quickly creating loans.

Benefits of using Credit Line?

For borrowers, Credit Line offers the opportunity not to need to sell its digital assets but can still invest in equity of equivalent value. Instead of selling assets, users can get a quick loan using their Crypto as collateral. Digital asset-backed loans can also act as leverage for different trading strategies.

Download VNDC Wallet to use the feature:

For iPhone users: Apple Store

For Android users: Google Play Store

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